When The Universe Speaks, Only A Fool Doesn’t Listen

I’m about to give up on wordpress and move the blog elsewhere. I write all posts on my cell phone through the app and now it is having some mid life crises with my images not letting me center some of them and not allowing me to edit. I’m frustrated and blogging is supposed to be an outlet for me. UGH! Sorry for the rant, but this is ridiculous and I can’t spend any more time trying to fix this post so sorry in advance for the wonky look. 

Or… How I Can Justify Anything If I Want It Badly Enough

Or…How Consumerism Helps With The Stress Of Medical Boards

Or… The Husband Needs To Run More Often


Friday morning started off innocently enough. The alarm went off at 6:30 am, I stumbled to the shower mumbling something about early retirement looking good these days, and turned the water to “melt your skin off” levels.

And that is when the day stopped being innocent.

As the water was warming up I glanced at my phone and saw that someone I didn’t know had messaged me around midnight. Who does that? Aren’t most people old like me and asleep? I opened it and stared for a while:

My ISO as had been out there and silent since November. 6 months of nothing but crickets.


I mean, not really. I have a lovely Bates saddle that I bought brand spanking new in December. It fits us both well enough. Though truth be told I’ve been a bit worried about some dry patches after our hot rides of late and sitting the canter has been exceptionally difficult and well….

Being a responsible and proudly frugal adult….I asked for pictures, about a possible trial and where she was located.

No harm in asking plus I figured with the late hour of the message she was likely a west coaster. I had zero interest in paying exorbitant shipping fees on a saddle I don’t need. She’d respond with a CA address and that would be that. I could carry on with life as normal.


She was in GA. And the pictures looked good.

Well darn.

Still though. It was a 3 hour drive to her and let me repeat this again: I don’t need another jump saddle. I have 3 already.

I got around for work, sent the kiddo off to school and tried to go about my morning.

Something kept bothering me though. I had been looking for 6 months for this saddle. New it would cost over double the asking price used. Even if it didn’t work I could resell it.

I didn’t last long before I texted the Hubby

I last almost 2 hours from receiving the message on FB to texting Hubby. Not that bad.

Gotta love a Hubby who not only knows when you are scheming to spend money but also then responds with a resigned “just buy it”

You see, we just so happened to be going to Atlanta for the weekend so someone…not me I assure you…could run his first 100 mile race. The seller was only 20 minutes from our hotel.

Fate. Destiny. I don’t know what you all believe but I could not pass this up.

23 thoughts on “When The Universe Speaks, Only A Fool Doesn’t Listen”

  1. Yasssss. Can’t wait to hear all about new pretty! I’ve only ever heard great things about Black Countrys!

    Also #marriagegoals: “Just buy it”


  2. ha that sounds like an awesome find!! i loved the black country i sat in with isabel, tho it ended up not fitting her in the slightest…. also, am i just crazy or seeing things or is the underside of that saddle…. rose gold?!? needs moar pictures plz haha


    1. I contacted the local rep for an appointment. The flocking needs changed up a bit but I think it should work fine from the 10 seconds I had it on him last night. He loved the one I trialed even with it being slightly too narrow


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