Barn Upgrade

In a lot of ways I think we would have been better off buying property and building our farm rather than buying one that had been neglected for so long. The price was right, the location was perfect, and we loved the layout and bones of the place which makes it all ok but looking around at all the major projects we would like to complete gets a bit overwhelming at times.

Accomplishing some more minor projects helps keep my anxiety at bay and this past weekend saw a nice one get crossed off the list. This post is not a DIY how to because, well I didn’t do any of the work and was mowing the pasture to get ready for the monthly rotation while Dusty planned and built it for me.

Each pasture gets to rest for 2 months. In a perfect world I would mow right after pulling the horses off it and then again right before putting them back on. In my world, I mow right before putting them on it. This pasture takes about 6-8 hours to mow depending on the time of year.

A big issue for me has been my grooming/tacking area. We placed cross ties right outside the tack room for easy access which makes sense. The problem was storage. Sure I could just keep walking in and out of the tack room to grab whatever I needed, but this is real life and that is annoying. The one tiny shelf that was created by an old window (I turned the barn office into my tack room as the actual tack room lacked both a ceiling and a door so everything was disgustingly dusty all the time) quickly got crowded with brushes and various hoof treatments causing them to fall onto the dirt floor or needing stacked. It was sub optimal for sure.

Ignore the big hole below the shelf. I realized I didn’t have a before picture after Dusty started cutting the wall out.

I asked the hubby if he could build me a cabinet in place of this window/shelf and then added the kicker that I wanted it to be accessed from both the aisle and the tack room. Even easier to fill it or grab things that way.

Umm…and I wanted it decorated with a X like all the other doors and stall fronts in the barn. Too tall of an order?

The hole cut out and ready for the cabinet framing to go in.

He started the project a couple of weeks ago by cutting the hole in the wall and then it took a while to figure out the doors and argue over how to latch everything. I didn’t want them attached to each other with a sliding latch but I also didn’t want a central vertical board either.

Framing going in. You can see inside the tack room.

At first he wanted to make just a single door and while that would have made the project quicker and easier, the door would have been large and heavy. I worried it would swing open and hit Eeyore in the cross ties and imagined the annoyance of having to walk around or constantly shut and open the door to move around him. If you are building custom, you might as well make it the most efficient you can.

Shelves in place. I wanted the bottom one large enough to hold my treats and fly spray.

So two doors it was. He ended up building a single door and cutting it in half which worked out super well. That is about all the tips and tricks I can give you on this project.

Looking at it from the barn aisle

All he had to do was repeat it a second time for inside the tack room

And from inside the tack room

And fill it up!

Easy, organized access to all my grooming and horse care needs right where they are the most useful. I can’t gush about this enough

I adore it!! Everything is nicely organized, super handy and while it doesn’t super matter if your treat bucket has dirt on it, the doors will help keep the dust off everything.

I’m debating removing the top shelf and installing hooks instead to hang things on, but I don’t really have much to hang. All my tack lives inside the tack room on hooks and stands, so we will see if that ever needs to happen. For now, I am thrilled to not be fighting that stupid little shelf any more and am happy with how this turned out. The next project for the hubby is a feed bin in the feed room.

28 thoughts on “Barn Upgrade”

  1. This is so cool! He did a great job. I’m jealous of handy people as I am the exact opposite.
    Also, that is a huge pasture- your horses are lucky beasts!


  2. omgosh the doors opening on the inside and outside of the tackroom is genius!!! looks great – it’s like the perfect little portal haha!


  3. And now I kind of want one of these installed in my horse’s stall now so when the crossties are full I don’t have to walk a mile down the aisle a hundred times when I inevitably forget something.


  4. That is a great idea and Dusty did a great job. If the swinging doors become a pain you can always put in sliding ones (like mini barn doors). A handy husband is the best thing since sliced bread.


    1. I got to use it for racking up last night and loved it. He had wanted a sliding match but I wanted as hands free as possible. We used magnets on the aisle side and snap in latches at the top on the tack side and both work well. I can open and close one handed


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