For Sale

No, not Eeyore. Though catch me on a bad day….


I’m putting a few items up for sale that just don’t work for us and thought I’d post here first. If interested, comment here or email me at agemofahorse at gmail dot com. First come first serve, money in hand before it’s off limits, add shipping and all that good stuff.

First is my girth. The EquiFit T Foam Anatomic Girth which I bought new in December for $300. Asking $200. 50″.

Leather has been well cared for and cleaned regularly
Ignore my apparent hoarding of girths in the back ground. I should probably sell some of those too.
Comes with some Eeyore magic butthead hair, free of charge! I scrubbed the crap out of this liner this weekend and got most of it off.

I love this girth. Eeyore loves this girth and that says a lot. He hates all others. The only reason I am selling is because it is too big with this new saddle and I have to buckle it to the very top holes on all billets which puts the buckle under my leg. The memory foam is removable for easy cleaning and this has held up really well to all my riding including the hunter pace and lessons. It’s a great girth.

Second, my brand new Eponia bridle. Max 2 in 1 bridle with figure eight and removable flash noseband in COB. I bought this two months ago for $200 and it is in like new condition and comes with the flash and the figure 8. Asking $125.

So pretty. So not the right size for Mr. Block Head.
Brass hardware

I like the construction, leather and overall look but I really don’t like the fit on Eeyore at all. I should have gotten the horse size because all the straps are at the absolutely largest hole and the nose and crown could still go bigger. The bridle I borrowed for my last lesson was a horse size and it fit Eeyore beautifully. He seemed way more comfortable in it too, so sadly I need to sell this one and find a replacement.

Next is my Kieffer saddle. It’s an older than dirt but in amazing condition Aachen saddle with a 17.5″ seat, wide tree and wither cut out. It is seriously comfortable and the German construction means it will live forever. I bought it used for $200 last summer but it didn’t fit Eeyore well enough in the channel. I’m not sure what to get from it. Probably $150. Would be a nice back up, lesson or kids saddle if anyone is interested or needs something like that.

I’m also thinking of selling my Bates but am holding off on that for the moment unless someone super wants it. My Sweden temporary daughter will need a saddle to ride in when she gets here this fall and I have all the gullets so should be able to fit it to Gem just fine. She always went well in the Wintec I started her in so I think for what she will be used for, if M prefers that to her endurance get up, I’d like to keep it around. If I end up keeping that, I’d be looking at selling the Thorowgood T8 jump saddle I had for her instead. Really, I don’t need four jump saddles for 1 horse in actual work and 1 horse who is about to be taken out of retirement for a brief period. It’s a bit excessive. So I guess if anyone wants more info on either of those, ask and you shall receive!

8 thoughts on “For Sale”

  1. I have an older than dirt Kieffer that I hold on to because I know I’ll always have a saddle as that thing will last forever. I’m sorry the Eponia bridle didn’t work out!


  2. lol i had a super ridiculous girth collection up until recently too…. like, but why did i have so many?!? luckily most sold at consignment and these days both my saddles use short girths, so i’m entirely out of the long girth game. (well, mostly, i still have one…. lol). that bridle is nice too! tho i already have 4 active in use bridles plus cob probably isn’t the right size for chuck anyway…


    1. It’s in pretty much new condition. Maybe has a dozen rides. Probably not even that much. I picked up a 48” magical memory foam girth for the horse determined to get himself classified as retired any day now. Sigh. The things we do


      1. My $700 vet bill, $700 car bill, and the fact that I need to buy trailer tires before I can ride my horse who may or may not be able to breathe when ridden… no new bridle for me. The things we do. And I just bought more sun clothes for me since I now can’t handle sun at all…


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