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It’s hot. No surprise there. It is July in the SE after all. I’ll take 100F over 30F any day any time. I love summer.

Not a whole lot new is going on over here. I’m continuing to ride Eeyore to help his fitness, relaxation and compliance to my aides. Some days and some rides are better than others but overall things are heading in the right direction. My confidence has sky rocketed since the xc school and it is showing up in the flat rides at home since then. He still tries to pull his crap early on, but now I’m in a place where I can shut him down without a fuss and move on to have a good ride.

Someone was very tired after his XC outing and slept for nearly two days after.

Yesterday I worked him in the arena and then headed out to the big pasture to cool down. We made it all the way around hoof perfect at the walk which means that next time I’ll add in some trot sets up the hill. His booty needs the work out and I love the low impact high output that grassy hills provide. Once I’m comfy at the walk we will add canter sets as well.

Big Boy got a muzzle ordered for him as well. He is fat and being fat wont help his legs any in the long run. Gem needs a new one anyway. She has managed to break the halter that came with hers twice and in the process of trying to rip it off by rubbing on the water tank, she gave herself an eye ulcer. I guess she wins as now she is in a fly mask without the muzzle until it heals. Its good to be married to a vet folks. He caught the tiny ulcer bringing her in for breakfast over the weekend.

Waggy made it down to the pond this weekend. Her right hind is not holding up to being the sole hind support very well. Some days she is extremely painful and pitiful and others she seems to do ok. We are taking life with her one day at a time, but things are not looking good at the moment

I went ahead and ordered just the basket with attachments to her regular halter instead of an all in one halter/muzzle so hopefully that will be safer for her. She has been wearing the muzzle during the day for just over a month now and has noticeable weight loss already. Lots more to go but she is getting there.

Trainer AB texted me this morning asking if I wanted to lesson at 8 pm tonight which is my bed time, but I am not complaining. Finding a trainer that works evenings is next to impossible so I am trying to be as flexible as possible with her. Plus at least at 8 pm the sun is going down and the world is cooling off a bit. Hopefully I will have some exciting things to talk about after the lesson though Dusty will be at home with Wyatt so no media. I really need to put a Soloshot on my xmas list this year.

That’s about it around here. Status quo really as we head into the hottest month of the year.

19 thoughts on “Stuff and Things”

  1. My trainer also would rather teach in the late evenings than during the day. I am still resisting it but when it is this hot you are correct it is probably better to suck it up and do 8 pm. Glad you are having fun riding the orange beast and I used the basket version on the halter for Remus. It worked until he figured out how to get his buddies to take it off for him. I am glad you are getting a muzzle for him too. And I hope Waggy gets better 😦

    PS the heat is insane! UGH stay cool!


    1. I don’t mind the evenings but it does make it harder to get up for work the next day. I’m old. Gem seems to be doing good in hers until she broke it and then rubbed a hole in her eye. Ugh. Always something.


  2. I’m so glad things are going to well with Eeyore! These small steps add up to big progress!
    I’m sorry to hear about Waggy. That’s got to be so tough. I’m thinking of you!


    1. Waggy is breaking my heart and I’m doing my best to stop beating myself up but honestly if we get to be with her for the rest of the year it will be on pure luck. She is not doing well at all.


  3. We’re in the 110s but a lot of times I feel you guys have it worse because of the humidity too. It sure sounds bone-meltingly hot lol.
    I’m so sorry about Waggy. That’s got to be really really tough. Keeping her and you in my thoughts ❤


    1. The humidity adds another layer for sure. I can handle a lot of heart but swimming through the air makes it gross.

      Waggy is such a happy pup usually but her leg hurts and now she won’t get in the car and is not going to work with Dusty anymore as it is too hard on her. She is only 2.

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  4. aw i’m so sorry to hear that Waggy continues to have a hard time, sending jingles that it gets better!! good luck with the lesson tho, i hope it’s just more great experiences for you and H’Appy!


  5. I’m with ya on taking the hot temps over cold any day. I love that you and E are getting to keep keepin’ on and that Trainer AB is working for you guys! When I read “eye ulcer” I panicked for you, but then realized that while Gen isn’t exactly NORMAL, she’s at least not a trainwreck and will be fine. My fingers are crossed for Waggy 😦


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