So….uh….yeah I did a dumb.

Want to hear all the excuses first??

I can’t recall another time in my life where I felt so stressed, stretched thin, and run down. I’m distracted. Pre occupied. Barely making it through my day without a panic attack.

Medical boards are Monday. I’ve been studying for 2 months. If I don’t pass these, I lose my hospital credentials. If I lose those, I lose my ability to accept insurance. If I lose that, I’m out of practice.

So it’s a bit important.

But I’ve taken important tests before and I can typically handle the study pressure. Only this time everything is piling up against me.

Pete can’t wait for the cooler weather to finally arrive this weekend. He doesn’t do heat very well.

Last spring Dusty signed up for a surgical wet lab. He asked if I had any plans or reasons he couldn’t go. Nope. I knew my boards would be in October but the previous 9 I have taken to qualify to take this one (this crap is a money laundering racket) have all been on a Wednesday so I figured him being gone for a Fri-Mon wasn’t going to be an issue.

Then they released the date for this 6 weeks ago and it isn’t just on a Monday, it’s on the Monday of the weekend he is gone.

Ok….I can work around that. Wyatt gets basically no screen time but when given it he will be zoned for the day. I’ll be that parent and plop my kid in front of a movie and study. My anxiety level dropped.

Me last weekend studying while I sent the kids and Dusty off on a hike to get out of the house

Except I woke up in the middle of the night a couple of weeks ago with the realization that I have to be at the testing center at 715 am that day. Wyatt’s school doesn’t open until 715 am and I haven’t figured out a way to be in two places at once yet. Panic level: crucial.

Thankfully my mom agreed to get up at o dark thirty to come to get Wyatt ready for school and drop him off for me. Crisis averted.

Ok…things were looking settled. I’d be able to study all weekend and make it to my test.

Then the cub scouts schedule got published and Saturday is a major community service project that Wyatt needs to attend. There goes my morning of studying. Frick. Still….it should wear him out so that l can study all afternoon while he naps and then watches a movie. Sanity still intact.

If only I could be this relaxed

You know what’s coming don’t you?

Except…M then told me that homecoming is Saturday night. Are you kidding me?!?!! It goes until 10 and Wyatt goes to bed at 830 and well I couldn’t take it anymore so I told her I’d take her but she needs to find a way home. I’m not waking Wyatt up at 10 pm to drive to pick her up and I can’t leave him home sleeping alone and I can’t ask anyone else to do it so screw it. I just plumb can’t do it.

So that’s where my mind has been. Frazzled and distracted and crammed full of useless medical information that only comes in handy for board examinations.

Which leads me to my dumb.

The cutest scout there is

Dusty had the contractor out to give an estimate for the aisle on Sunday. It was under budget so we jumped on scheduling it and were surprised the guy could do it Tuesday. Great! Not being able to handle anything else on my plate, I left Dusty to handling it and walked away to return to my books.

They came, they did a great job and were done Tuesday night with instructions to keep the horses off it until Saturday. Ok..no biggie. We have fed in the pasture before they can handle 4 or 5 days without coming inside.

A couple weeks late but still funny. It was 98F yesterday. It will be 97F today. Where is fall?


I didn’t take the feed out of the barn.

Or any buckets.

Or any hay to supplement the dead pasture in this horrid drought.

Or any of my tack.

Or any brushes, fly spray, first aid items.

Basically, the horses are feral and PISSED OFF right now.

Eeyore is throwing things around in the pasture and giving me the nastiest looks I have ever seen. That horse does not take to being ignored very well. Gem is happy we have left her muzzle off for now and Pete is just miserable that he has his winter coat and it is remaining near 100F still and I can’t hose him off because the hose is…..inside the barn.

So uh…yeah…I’m dumb. Don’t be me folks. If you know your barn is going to be out of commission, please prepare….take feed out and buckets and your tack and grooming supplies and fly spray needs and your sanity as well.

If Eeyore lawn darts me for my ride Monday after boards, I will have deserved it.

19 thoughts on “Dumb”

  1. Gotta say that I think you only did 1/2 the dumb. Dustin didn’t do it either. So sorry you’re both experiencing the consequences… But you made me laugh this morning! Hope boards go well! I’m sure you’ll do fine.


  2. Ugh. I’m sorry you’re going through all this. Being over scheduled and uber stressed is not a good place to be.
    I know you’ll rock your boards, and know you’ll get through this, and I’m hopeful Eeyore doesn’t hold it against you for too long.
    Just think, soon it will be fall (right??) and things will get better just because you won’t be sticky and sweaty!


  3. Oops!!!! Just tell your ponies you’re preparing them for the zombie apocalypse this week and they’ll be fine 😉 hahahaha j/k! Hope your weekend calms down a little bit and you’re able to enjoy the cub scouts outing as a de-stresser from studying!!!! And homecoming…. does M not have friends she can go with and get ready at someone else’s house? Or at least spend the night afterwards???


    1. This morning I went to top off the water trough and Eeyore came flying over to me then stood 5’ away glaring at me. He is PISSED. When I drove off he took off galloping and bucking around the pasture then watched me drive down the driveway. If he was human we’d be having words right now. 😂

      She will have to figure it out or not go. I can not pick her up. Won’t happen. She went shopping with a friend to get a dress and I told her to ask her to bring her home or spend the night. Haven’t heard the outcome yet


    1. I wish! That’s project #3. The barn has exactly ZERO windows. Not one. Nothing. It’s awful. No air flow and no escape hatches. The hubby is trying to figure out how to make windows for me with shutters or some such way to close from rain and bad weather.


  4. I’m sorry all of that is piling on. I hate it when that happens. If it makes you feel better, I was super dumb too and left Amber’s winter blanket alone, just hanging up for the summer. Needed it for her and you what? Because dumb me just didn’t want to do it, it got infested with cockroaches. A lovely nest of nasty, red-backed creepy-crawlers. Sooooo I had to throw it away and buy a new one. Yay me lol


  5. You should totally send this story to the Buck Off Banter podcast as a submission for their Wanker of the Week award. If you win you get a big glittery WANKER OF THE WEEK ribbon! LOL


  6. Ugh! what a horrible sequence of events. Good for you for dealing with it all. You can always buy feed and feed out of your car…..They wll forgive you and you will pass these boards.


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