Ride Times Are Up!!!!!

I’ve been obsessively stalking the farm’s website like a mad person for days now.

Finally they posted ride times just now and eeeek!! It is real and I am SO SO SO SO SO SO SO very excited to finally after 3 long years be heading to my first ever horse trial.

This week has completely fallen apart on me. I gave Eeyore Sunday off after the marathon lesson on Saturday. Monday is Cub Scout night so I never ride. Tuesday the farrier came and its probably just me but I never ride the day the farrier comes in case the horse is a bit sore from all that pounding and trimming. Wednesday I swore I was going to ride but then I got word that I PASSED MY FREAKING BOARDS and am now a Diplomate of the American Board of Podiatric Medicine and will not have to take another damn boards test until 2029 and dammit I wanted to celebrate so we went out. Tonight we have a dinner scheduled for business purposes but I don’t care if it is midnight when I get home, that horse is getting ridden tonight and then again tomorrow morning before I load up and head to the facility.

Well thanks Mother Nature for making the only rainy day show day. At least it is almost 70 and the rain really doesn’t hit until 2, so I should be ok. Doesn’t matter though. I’m going!

I had originally debated not going down Friday so I didn’t have to stress about the Orange Butthead being stalled so much, but then I got offered a shared hotel room and the thought of not having to wake up at 4 am and being super stressed about loading and driving down won out.

My lesson budget has been blown this month so I couldn’t take a lesson last night. When I read her words “you both were way ready last time I saw you” I about cried.

I’m heading out tomorrow to hopefully arrive around 2 pm and get settled in. Trainer will be there around that same time and we will walk our course and decide which BN fences she wants me to add. They have added one fence to my course making it a total of 5, all are labeled as “logs” except one has a barn option and another a water option which I’m pretty positive she will have me take. Other than that we shall see how it goes!!!!!

Come what may I am so freaking excited to even be going, to see my name with ride times, to put all our work this summer and fall to action. We may do amazing or we may crash and burn. Either way my only goal is to HAVE FUN.

19 thoughts on “Ride Times Are Up!!!!!”

  1. You have the right attitude! Go with the goal and expectation to have fun! Don’t worry about your boy. Just get there early the first morning and get him out of the stall and walking around, seeing all the things you can. It will be good for y’all to be together and bond anyhow. I am proud of the both of you! I think the excitement and all the things to see helps those that are not used to being in a stall very much.


    1. I’m hoping all the activity keeps him interested. He tends to pace and not drink very well when stalled even at home but nothing for it but to try and see. I can toe him to the trailer but with rain in the forecast a stall will be much nicer

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  2. Yay!!! This is going to be so good. I used to fret about not schooling and riding before a show. But the truth is that it’s sometimes better because I tend to drill too much. I can’t wait to read all about it!


  3. Woot woot!! I LOVE that feeling of ride times hitting my inbox bc it’s like it’s finally REAL. Make sure to take so so so many pictures of literally everything please! Here’s hoping you have an amazing weekend 😀


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