6th Annual Thanksgiving Waterfall Hunt

A coworker innocently gave me a book of 50 waterfalls in SC, southwestern NC and eastern GA for Christmas in 2013. The following Thanksgiving I started a tradition of choosing one and finding it in time to get to my mom’s for dinner.

Getting everyone to stop and pose is an issue I always face

This year we headed out to find Pigpen and Licklog falls, two falls in close proximity to each other and in side creeks that feed into the gorgeous Chattooga River.

Pigpen Falls

The weather was gorgeous as always. Low 40s and brisk to start and climbing to the low 60s to finish.

Waggy even got to come this year and managed the 2.5 mile hike well

Over the last several years it has been interesting to see how our little group of hikers has changed. Dogs have come and gone, last year my mom joined us and this year we have M.

We couldn’t get everyone in the picture which was sad as I like the dogs in it as well

It’s a tradition that I really hope we continue to do though eventually we will have to get creative and camp the night before once we run out of those within 2 hours of our farm.

Licklog Falls

We learned the first year to always pack Wyatt a full change of clothes and a towel as that kid refuses to stay out of the falls. I don’t mind. It always makes me smile.

My favorite picture of the outing

I think M enjoyed the tradition as well. She was certainly impressed with the beauty of the falls and the river.

The Chattooga River

Our only issue was helping Waggy make the steep climb back up from the bottom of Licklog Falls. The book had described it as a steep scramble and they were not joking.

It was super steep and I was proud of Wyatt for navigating it on his own

Dusty waited at the bottom and then attempted to get Waggy up. Even with four legs she never really understood how to make them all function together and it wasn’t any better missing one. So Dusty picked her up and scaled the hill carrying her.

Waggy generally hates to be lifted up. This time she gratefully took the ride to the top

We headed back to the truck with the sun warming our backs and my heart full for another year.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

11 thoughts on “6th Annual Thanksgiving Waterfall Hunt”

      1. I have heard of it, and I know it has something to do with the Pilgrims but that’s where it ends haha.

        Sounds like a very… nice… reason to celebrate. Sounds like our version of Australia Day (or as the Indigenous community refer to it, Invasion Day).


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