2019 Blogger Gift Exchange

This is my absolute favorite time in blogland. The gift posts are the best of the entire year and I get just as excited to see what other people get as I am for my own box to arrive.

Olivia from Hellomylivia with the most wondrous Frankie sent me the nicest gifts this year and I love them all.

First is the note which is super cute.

Maybe someday my Orange Butthead will be like her Frankie and I’ll start calling him a unicorn, but until then I’ll keep this stuffed one as a reminder of where we are going.

Eeyore will eat up the Mrs. Pastures in a flash and I’ve been dying to get my hands on a Tiger Tongue and see what all that bad boy grooming tool can do.

Thank you Olivia!!!! Everything is perfect and I hope you and your loved ones all have a wonderful Christmas.

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