Cambox Ruins Christmas

Ok…not really ruins because I still had an amazing Christmas, but the company is pissing me off. I know several bloggers have a Cambox so I’m wondering what your experiences have been with the company?

Here’s the deal. Dusty ordered me a Cambox 3 for Christmas. They charged the card and sent a confirmation email with a UPS tracking number. It supposedly shipped 12/13/19 with 2 day shipping and on their website the order number still says “shipped”.

On 12/23/19 when it still hadn’t arrived, Dusty clicked on the tracking link to get an update only to find out that the tracking number given was invalid. It didn’t exist per UPS. So he called Cambox and it went straight to voicemail. He left a message that was never returned.

We have also emailed the customer service email and dropped a Facebook message to the company as well.


I’m giving them until Friday to respond and then I’m contacting the credit card and getting the charge removed. I’m really bummed though because I was super looking forward to getting one. I don’t like the bulk of the other cameras on the market and have no idea what to get in its place.

18 thoughts on “Cambox Ruins Christmas”

  1. That’s so weird! I have worked with their customer service on their USA page a few times and they have always been awesome. Have you tried using the chat feature on their website?

    If you are reaching out to the French cambox site, I would not be surprised if they are totally closed for the holiday.


    1. We called the US customer service number, emailed the us service email address and posted a message to Cambox US on facebook. No answer to any and this was before the holiday so they should have been open. I’m going to try again this afternoon, but we still do not have an active tracking number and no item yet they took our money and guaranteed 2 day shipping which would have had it here on the 15th, 11 days ago.

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    1. That sucks. It was supposed to arrive on 12/15/19 so is already 11 days late with no valid tracking so I am assuming it isn’t arriving at all. I’ll have to cancel the credit card before January or risk not being able to, being out the money and not having the item.

      Not sure I’d order from them again based on this yet no idea what else to do


      1. I’ve never heard of them not delivering one. Sometimes they are definitely slow, especially at times of the year when the French are on holiday. I know there are other brim-mount cameras on the market but I’m not sure how good they are. Or you could buy a Cambox from another seller?


      2. Hmmm…I’ll be patient and call again after the New Year but they will still need to refund the express 2 day shipping charge since its now been well over that and still now camera at my house. I was so excited for it too!


    1. I’m willing to wait but at this point A) I need refunded the extra money paid for 2 day shipping since it has now been 13 days and B) I need assurance it is even coming at all. With a bad tracking number it looks an awful lot like the company thinks it was shipped but it wasn’t so I’ll never get it.


      1. They will need to but I’m concerned we have been scammed somehow. The customer service number goes straight to a generic voicemail that doesn’t say the company name or anything, just a robot voice repeating the number. That’s odd. Nobody answers the chat, emails or Facebook. I get some say the French shut down but this is odd


  2. I love my Cambox. I know I paid in the form of a kickstarter-type deal, so I knew it wasn’t coming fast. I was always in contact with them tho, and their customer service was good. I’d go with everyone else and venture to say that the nature of the holidays is probably why they aren’t answering. Personally, I love it. It’s so lightweight and easy, and that sucks that it hasn’t come in yet! But I’d give them until the new year, but for sure have them refund the 2-day shipping.


    1. I’ll give it until Jan and try again. What I find odd is that the customer service number doesn’t even ring. It goes straight to a generic voicemail with a robot voice repeating the number. No “youve reached Cambox, we are closed for the holidays. Please leave a message” or anything. I’ve never experienced that before with a company and it makes me uneasy.

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  3. I ordered my Cambox from them 2ish years ago? It was when the 3 came out b/c they were doing a promotional sale for it (a pre sale sort of thing). If I remember correctly it got here a lot later than I thought it was going to but I still got it! I know it’s frustrating to wait when it should of been here by now but it’s definitely worth it! And I know others have said it but I’ll say it too, they’re French, they roll at a different pace than we do. It will arrive at some point!


    1. I’m just worried because the tracking number they sent is invalid yet online in my account is says it shipped. So I’m nervous they think it shipped when it didn’t and now I won’t ever actually get it. I’m not in a super hurry to get it as long as I can confirm that it is indeed coming. With the odd voicemail at customer service and crickets via email and live chat, I worry something is off.


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