Media Overload :)

Saturday was an amazing day for two reasons, but this post is about the first. The second will come later. Yup, vague posting at its finest folks.

I have so much stinking media from this lesson it makes my heart happy. Not only did I finally manage to not screw up my Cambox and figure out how to edit the 15 minute videos into smaller chunks, but the hubby was also present and got video from his perspective, so now I have video proof both ways! Since I normally have no media, this overload is amazing and unlikely to happy again any time soon, so I’m going to let the media do the talking for me today.

After the flat work part where we worked on the 20 m circle forever trying to achieve bend, roundness and geometry, we started over a simple cross rail, 5 strides to a vertical exercise off a left hand bend.

The first time didn’t go so well.

And from another perspective….

But we rallied and made the 5….

Another perspective….

We did this exercise several times to perfect the feeling of moving him up or holding him back while counting the strides to make it happen. Then we moved to an exercise off a right hand bend: a cross rail, 3 strides to a vertical. Of note I left this out of the video because I don’t like putting other people not he internet but when Trainer AB gave us this exercise and pointed out the vertical I said “after you lower it a peg” to which she reasoned with a quiet “no, I like it like this”. Ugh.

But it was no big deal and we made the 3 strides the first time.

From the ground view…

We still did it a few times to get a good feel, but then it was on to our Grand Prix course of four jumps: a skinny gate, a vertical over a black pipe, a “giant” brush box between two ramps, and then a low but very wide over. In her telling of the course she called it a “giant brush box” and I told her that language like that isn’t tolerated. HA!

I was made to do just the brush box twice more because a) my line to it was screwy and b) she really wanted me to get used ton being bold over fences even when they scare me.

Eeyore was mostly a good boy. He has gotten over his early ride temper tantrums, finally learning that it doesn’t get him out of work and instead results in more work. However, he is now trying to play exhaustion which I find more annoying and harder to deal with. He was a spicy devil at home tacking up before loading and continued to be a bit of a handful for the warm up. Then when I put him on the 20 m circle, he gave up on life and acted like he couldn’t take another step ever again.

While it is a new frustrating habit, at least it shows that he is growing and trying new things. Someday he just may learn to go with the flow. Maybe. When he is retired.

20 thoughts on “Media Overload :)”

  1. yesssssss media!!! so much awesomeness haha, and it must be a relief to have gotten the cambox working. Eeyore honestly looks like he’s gonna be a pretty cool dude, glad it was such a great lesson and looking forward to reading about part ii!!


  2. LOOK. AT. YOU. !!!!

    A few months ago I can’t imagine you jumping half of those and here you are looking great! Your whole position is so much more comfortable and just.. joyful out there and it makes me so happy to see you having fun. That’s what it’s all about.

    And for what it’s worth, I don’t think there’s a jump in that ring y’all couldn’t do.


    1. A few months ago all I would have done was the cross rail. Never would have thought of doing the brush box.

      Eeyore may be a butthead but he makes me happy every time I’m with him. Even with fighting to slow him down or when he runs out or some such nonsense, I still find myself grinning at the end.


  3. I’m glad that the cambox is working.I love it. I also love your smile at the end of your course. Eeyore reminds me of a 9 year old boy- one minute hyper and then the next too exhausted to more. 😀


  4. Sara! Look at you! Jumping things that not so long ago would have been a big “no” and looking great doing it. I’m so happy for you and proud of you for putting in the work. Even with Mr Opinion as your partner 😉


  5. It was nice having the two perspectives so I could watch you ride! (I personally don’t like helmet cam videos due to it making me nauseous lol!) He looked like he was really raring to go in the lesson and keen to the jumps minus the run out. Great job!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah I generally don’t like helmet cam footage for that same reason. Helmet cam is better than no media though. I lucked out that we combined this with another reason for the boys to come too


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