Introducing Imam (Eee-Mom)

Ok….so I’ve vague posted enough but there was a reason. I wanted to make sure things would work out before posting about it.

Last fall Wyatt buddied up to Trainer AB while they stood at the finish line of the JBF HT. Apparently during their time together he asked her to find him a pony and she was happy to oblige (after getting my approval of course).

Eating takes at least an hour which has made us change our daily routine significantly to fit it in. It’s worth it though. He already has gained a little weight and looks better.

I started getting texts with various ponies during the fall and into the winter but none were what I wanted. Mostly they were all too young, too expensive or too fancy. My 7 year old needed a half dead, mostly lame, senior citizen who has been there and gotten the shirt to prove it.

Then Trainer asked the owner of the farm she leases about an older Arab gelding that was not being used but was a saint of a horse. They said no, the horse was used from time to time for young family members and friends to hop on. There was another gelding though, even older and slower, who we could have for free if interested.

The kid has better posture than I do

He seemed a bit too far in the other extreme: ancient doesn’t begin to describe him and he hadn’t been ridden in a long time. Trainer agreed to hop on him and try him and then Wyatt came out to try him after my lesson Saturday, hence the boys coming and getting media.

At first, I thought no way. Imam is an easy 200lbs underweight, he has teeth that have never seen a dentist, rain rot dominated his back and sides and he had a distinct resemblance in both looks and personality to my Gemmie. When Trainer tried to ride him past a pile of wood and he reinvented himself 100’ in the opposite direction, my body flinched in memory of all the times Gem did that to me. Wyatt did not need to learn how to ride that.

Meeting the herd.

But then he asked to try him and the moment he got on Imam’s entire personality changed. He melted. He went anywhere, past anything, through whatever. He tolerated his face being pulled on and his back being bounced on. He stopped on a dime and Wyatt was smitten.

Still, Hubby wasn’t sold. He didn’t want another horse and he surely didn’t want this one that ate 12lbs of a special blend of feeds a day and still was a walking skeleton. When Imam was loaded on the trailer any way, the Hubby glared at me and drove home in silence.

Eeyore angry devoured his entire hay bag on the ride home. Usually he doesn’t touch his hay in the trailer

Things were made worse when we made a trip to the tack store the next day for a blanket (can’t have him shivering off the rest of his weight) and ended up coming home with a new halter, riser pad and uh….a lovely like new Kincade cc saddle for Wyatt.


But then it all got better when Wyatt hopped on Imam Sunday afternoon and giggled the entire time. He walked then dug in and trotted. He bounced and laughed all over the place and Imam collected better than Eeyore and took excellent care of Wyatt. He went over ground poles then asked to “jump like Mommy”

A good horse

I raised two poles about 6” and he went over those. Imam tripped a bit and Wyatt ended up on his neck. Imam stopped dead and waited until Wyatt sat back in the saddle then went back to work.

He rode again Tuesday and trotted the entire time. A spicier horse would be in the next county but Imam just picked up a nice little trot and put up with the erratic steering a 7 year old is capable of. He trotted over the ground poles and did the cutest tiny hop over the raised pole which is now the highlight of Wyatt’s life, according to him.

Ready to conquer the world together

So…welcome Imam. A 14 h Arabian gelding of indeterminate age, over 30 being the closest we got. The dentist is coming out soon to address his teeth. I’ve spoken to a nutritionist to come up with a feed plan that includes more calories and fat and less bulk because he also has a short gut from past colic surgery. He fits in Gem’s old dressage bridle and bit and has his own pad to keep the weight off his spine. He has fit in perfectly with the herd and is enjoying access to grass for the first time in decades.

That’s a grin I’d do anything for

24 thoughts on “Introducing Imam (Eee-Mom)”

  1. I love this story. That so reminds me of our first round of little horses for our girl. She ended up being reserve world champion years later (Appaloosa breed) but in the beginning….it’s just about a good ol’ horse and a child giggling with joy and laughter. GREAT STORY!! Your husband will look back on these years as the best. I promise….we miss the days with our little girl…she’s all grown now and gone. So yah, you guys are doing it right and NOTHING is more important than this time and those giggles. Good for you!!


    1. It reminds me why I ride myself – to have that joy without the naggling “do this better, don’t do that” in the back of my mind. I see many fun times in the arena and out on the trail together for these two


    1. Watching Wyatt giggling was enough to unfreeze Dusty’s heart. He even makes him up a special mash with hot water on cold mornings. I can’t wait to take Wyatt out on the trail and to a hunter pace. While old, Imam is sound as can be and has good old Arab bone/feet.


  2. Oh man, that is the cutest thing ever. I hope Wyatt has a ton of fun with his new friend! And how awesome for an old time like Imam to land in such a good home and gets lots of TLC. I think my heart melted a bit reading this!


    1. I sorta feel bad plucking his old butt out of retired life to “work” but Wyatt rides for about 20 minutes after school and we may do a few short trail rides. The movement will be good for him and the payment for this work is a lot of grass, friends, good food and health care. Maybe not such a bad deal.


  3. Love Imam, that video is priceless. Reminds me of a naughty school pony, Breezy, who was a saint for the kids but put an adult on her and she’d do a bone-jarring jig. Miss that bratty pony, so glad you’ve added Imam to your family!


  4. This reminds me of Mishka and her little boy. The pony was a questionable purchase at best. When I tried to do any kind of actual riding, she’d rear. But she took care of that little boy and tolerated him using her like a jungle gym. She never spooked at anything, went right through and over whatever he came up with on any given day, and let him awkwardly squeeze her girth, smash her ears, and poke her in the eye. I love this post.


  5. I seem to be having this issue of posting on blogs. However, maybe I didn’t write a post other than in my head!
    What a wonderful pony and perfect for Wyatt. And after all, what’s one more?


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