Go Home SC, You’re Drunk

Ever want to experience all 4 seasons plus violent weather in one week? Move to SC! Its been a rollercoaster weatherwise around here.

It all started with an unseasonably warm 75F day. In February. Crazy, but definitely enjoyable. The day we went to WR for the xc school, it was windy but a lovely mid 60s temperature. Perfect for riding as nobody over heated or got too cold.

The big pasture is not supposed to have ripples and calf deep water in the middle of it

Then it lightly snowed that week. Only a tad and only for a short period. Wyatt was in school and the teacher nicely let him outside to play in it. It didn’t stick to ground or anything, but it was pretty.

The overflow of the flooded pond created another river flowing into the woods. No water is supposed to be here at all.

Last Thursday we had torrential, flooding rains. Some areas got 6″ in 2 hours. It was bad. My entire afternoon canceled on me which let me sneak home after lunch and play with the kiddo.

We will get a small waterfall here with heavy rains but nothing like this.

Two roads on my way home were flooded and impassable and my entire property was one giant river.

All my loves outside in the snow minus Einstein who was off who knows where.

There were also two confirmed tornados in the area though none close to my office (darn!) or home.

Wyatt made a snow dinosaur complete with cocoa puff eyes

Saturday morning it began to snow again. Big, fluffy, wet flakes that stuck to the ground and turned the world into a winter wonderland before melting away overnight.

the snow kept on coming and I got a brief glimpse of a winter paradise here in the south

Next up it is going to warm up to the mid 50s again.

Finally caught Einstein wandering in the back pasture

Seriously, weather. Go home. This is crazy.

13 thoughts on “Go Home SC, You’re Drunk”

  1. With that, you’ve officially had more snow than PA/DE… But I just can’t with all this rain! We’re washing away up here. If all this rain were snow, I’m pretty sure that we’d never see the ground again. It’s AWFUL. We also had tornado warnings in DE on Friday. In February. In DE. This doesn’t happen.

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      1. I’m right there with you. It’s so gross and I worry too about them. Nay is super sensitive to the weather changes and gets warm, but also gets chilled from being wet. I’m not sure how to handle that… It’s going to be frigid on Friday/Saturday… Or rather, it’s going to be seasonable on Friday/Saturday.


  2. Wow – that is crazy weather! I love that you let Wyatt play in the all the new streams that popped up. I was totally that kid and always came home soaked. Hopefully the weather settles down soon!


  3. UGH our weather too. Rollercoaster ride for sure. And we had two horses colic at the barn this weekend (Both are fine but how scary is that???) but no wonder….crazy ass weather…..

    We even had snow so you know that is nuts. Then it immediately melted and became more mud. 🙂

    Our pond is overflowing (we have a waterfall at our lake that you hear when that is overflowing and i have been hearing that for weeks when i go outside).



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