February Funk

It happens to me every winter. I get burnt out. Tired of riding in the cold and dark. Tired of dodging rain storms. Tired of sloppy footing. Tired of five layers and feeling like a marshmallow.

Where is Einstein? I see no doggo here.

Typically it comes in January as the days are short and cold but January was pretty mild this year. I rode religiously all month between rain storms. February has come though and brought my seasonal malaise along with it.

Made yogurt from scratch and now I’m addicted. It was amazing. No more store bought for us. Wyatt ate half of it himself.

I haven’t ridden since the WR cross country outing and feel no motivation to do so. In years past I’d get angry with myself for this hiatus in riding. I’d silently scold myself for another day not spent in the saddle. Having a blog though allows me to spot trends and having noted that every year as winter wears thin and spring is about to bud I take a month off, well this year I’m allowing it with patience.

Wyatt got to see his first ever off Broadway performance. We saw Aladdin and he loved it. M came too but I don’t like posting pics of other people’s kids online.

Spring is in the air. I can feel it in the slightly warmer sun rays, hear it in the increasing bird song and smell it in the wet earth. The days are growing slowly longer, the rain is still present but the ground is recovering quicker after each downpour. Soon, my favorite time of the year will explode around me and I’ll get a fresh breath of motivation.

Wyatt had his first lesson with Trainer and learned the glory of the long spot. It didn’t help that Imom jumped the ground pole leading to this and threw Wyatt off guard. He hit the dirt after this jump but got up, got back and on went over it again.

I’ll ride with vigor until the end of summer when I’ll take another break as I burn out from riding in the heat, fighting hydration and hard ground. As I quickly approach 40, I’m learning to listen to my body as it tells me what it needs. Right now it needs spring. Until that comes it needs a break from the rigors of pushing through.

Fluffzilla went on his first big boy hike off property. I’m not sure he understood the point but he was game for 3 miles. Of note, prissy boy refuses to get his lovely cream coat dirty and went around every muddy spot.

Eeyore is not the same horse coming into spring 2020 as he was spring 2019. His training is more solid, his antics less scary. Trainer hopped on him last weekend for the first time in over 2 months and was very pleased with the horse she found under her. He was lighter in the bridle, more balanced and a touch off the forehand. That was after 2 weeks of complete rest.

Waggy came too and did well except for this skinny log crossing a ditch. She didn’t seem to mind Dusty carrying her over.

We will need a bit of a tune up and a lot of conditioning work once things get back in full swing, but I’m confident that all the work in 2019 will pay off. Until I’m ready to swing my leg back over my bestest orange buddy, I’m enjoying other aspects of life and he is enjoying a short break to eat the early spring grass and pick on Pete.

15 thoughts on “February Funk”

  1. Blogs are the best for noticing trends! I’m glad you’re taking a guilt-free break. Hang in there, we gain an hour of daylight super soon!


  2. I rode at a barn where we called February “Hate my pony month” because… everything is harder at the end of winter. Luckily, the time changes back soon and temps will rise a bit, grass will grow back, and we can get back to it. For now, a bit of rest never hurt anyone.


  3. February is the hardest month of the year. The weather is usually sucky (although it’s actually pretty good here for some strange reason that I won’t question). I view it as a month to be endured. I love your attitude on things.


  4. Blogging is super helpful for spotting the trends just like you said. I used to make homemade yogurt but at some point decided I preferred to just get it at the store and make other stuff instead (like bread!) – we also didn’t have the best facilities for making yogurt either lol It’s so fun and empowering though making things from scratch.


  5. It’s always good to take breaks when you need them! Now is definitely the time, too. Charlie just had a couple of light weeks as well and felt super refreshed !


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