Stop. Just stop.

Stop going to horse shows. Stop going to group lessons. Stop going to clinics. Stop going on group rides. Stop hanging with groups at the barn.

Stop going to get a hair cut. Stop drinking with friends. Stop having dinner parties. Stop in store shopping for tack, equipment, clothes.


Why? Because its your responsibility to be a mature adult. Because even if these feel like important tasks to you, they are not essential to survive. Just because a clinic or a show is still running, it does not mean it is a good idea to go. Because it isn’t a good idea to go. It is a very bad idea to go.

Here is the bottom line deal: if we allow COVID-19 to run amok through our communities because we believe that our own sanity in keeping life normal, keeping routines set, going to places we want to go is more important than some stupid safety warning, then we see the same amount of morbidity and mortality that has occurred in Italy.

The simple truth is that we do not have enough ICU beds, gloves, masks and respirators to support the number of people who will become infected and require those items. People will then die on a mass scale simply because we will not have the resources to treat them. read that line again. PEOPLE WILL DIE ON A MASS SCALE NOT BECAUSE WE DO NOT HAVE THE KNOWLEDGE OR EXPERTISE TO TREAT THEM BUT BECAUSE WE WILL NOT HAVE THE NECESSARY BEDS AND SUPPLIES TO DO SO.

And why will we not have those? Because you decided that a horse show or clinic was more important. Sounds pretty dumb, doesn’t it?

The entire point of this shut down is to slow the progression of the infection so that while the same percentage of people may still get infected, it will be at a slower rate thus allowing the ICU beds to empty, the ventilators to be freed up, the masks and gloves to be restocked. The point is to avoid making decisions on who should live and who can be allowed to let die. To avoid looking at two people equally ill and equally deserving a fighting chance at life, but knowing you only have one bed available.

Everyone is being impacted by this pandemic. EVERYONE. Some of us are being hit financially as our businesses are being shut. Some of us are losing our jobs. Some of us our working longer hours, being quarantined from our family as we work directly with those infected. Some are having to cancel plans and disrupt their lives.

Make the right choice. Your right to ride your horse is not more important than someone’s right to live is.

If you want to have life return to normal quickly, you will stay home. Limit interactions. Avoid groups. Cancel show plans, group lessons, clinics. You will do your part to stop the spread or at the very least slow it down.

Or the government will do it for you.

13 thoughts on “PSA: STOP GOING OUT”

  1. This is terrifying to me. I believe my trainer is still teaching, but I’m not riding. Nay is off until his ulcers are healed (I’m not spending hundreds to on ulcer meds just to rush him back into work) so my choice to not lesson is easy. But, I feel for those who have to make that choice. I’ve been following the discussion on some of my area facebook groups and with some of the trainers I know. Most have shut their doors to everyone, including boarders. Some have even lost boarders because of it, but I respect them for this. The sooner we all stay home, the sooner we can return to normal. DE has issued a stay at home order UNTIL MAY 15. PA has ordered all non-life-sustaining businesses to close. The horse world falls in a strange place, but I don’t feel that riding/lessons are life-sustaining. I question how the insurance part will work if someone falls and gets hurt (and if someone does get hurt, let’s not overstress our hospitals!).

    So, I’m just happy right now that my horses are at home and that I don’t have to make any decisions. That said, I have respiratory issues and the safe place for me is AT HOME. I want this to end so we can all try and move forward. There is no way to do that until we all do our part. I’m lucky that (for now), I have a job. And I have some security. And some food. And hay. And grain. And a few acres to move around on in isolation.


    1. It scares me that so many people don’t seem scared. Are living life as normal because it doesn’t effect them or they believe their mental sanity is mire important and they must ride, shop, hang with friends. Stay home. Stay safe.

      My own business can survive a 2 week shut down. Most can. But few can survive a 2 month shut down which is what will happen if people continue to be selfish.

      I can’t stress this enough. Stay home.

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      1. 100% Unfortunately, at this rate, we will be lucky if we can get by in a few weeks. We’ll be lucky if it’s weeks not months. I did curbside pickup for shavings the other day but otherwise I’ve been home. Now, I need to work. The amount I have to do this week is astounding…


      2. Re: people who are continuing on as normal – my riding buddy cannot understand why I cancelled on her this week. She sent me a text that said only “I’m not afraid of the virus.” (I replied “It’s not fear; it’s our attempt to impede the infection-chain.” ) Until this week I’d been forcing her to use hand sanitizer when she visited. Since I work in a nursing home and J works in a school (teachers still must go in, just not every day) I feel we’re probably carriers and must protect people. Groups of kids hanging out baffles and infuriates me, that parents can be so careless. Today at the grocery store they’d set up 2 meter marks in the lines and this coughing lady behind us refused to accept them and crowded in on us. J promply pushed her physically back with our cart! Another lady wearing latex gloves walked right up to me and asked me if there was any TP yet. Standing almost intimately close to me. This is the weird part – the people who take some precaution (gloves?!) and forget immediately out of habit. My mom calls them “coroidiots” and told me to tell my friend, “Go stand in the middle of the street and see if you get hit by a car or not.” I appreciate the efforts the grocery stores are going to for their employees; one of them today asked if we’d please step aside to let her pass with the appropriate distance. The checkers are now working from behind plastic sheets surrounding them in bubbles!
        ~lytha in Germany


  2. Our barn is still open, but only via a schedule. No more then two people in the barn at a time.

    Or unless you are tending to wounds (hello, its me, my horse is always hurting herself).

    My workplace isn’t taking it that serious/are not updating anyone on anything.


      1. Not many people lesson in my barn, and they’ve been cancelled for the time being.
        I agree. Its a bit ridiculous. Some people just aren’t getting it ! Why is it so hard to understand, even just a little.


  3. My BM spent all weekend trying to get it through people’s heads that lessons are cancelled therefore do not come to the fucking barn. Period. I hope she finally got through to the remaining idiots. I’m fortunate (well, sort of, stupid abusive animals :P) I do morning chores so I can ride afterward and enjoy the ghost town.


  4. The Australian public are known for being laid back at the best of times but this is so not the moment for the “she’ll be right” mentality we generally have.

    We’re also being led by a glorified idiot.

    I’m thinking it’s time to defect to NZ


  5. Wisconsin has a Stay-At-Home order for a month at least. I hope it’s enough, but suspect it will need to be extended. STAY HOME!!!!!!


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