Hmmm…Advice Please

It appears I am out of space to upload media here on the blog. I already have the premium version and can’t see an option to increase it. Maybe it is because I am on my phone?

So….what do I do now? I love using media and love uploading my videos and pictures here. I switched from blogger to WordPress to have easier access to uploading straight from my phone but maybe I need to go back there?

What do you all do?

19 thoughts on “Hmmm…Advice Please”

  1. I self-host my wordpress. I feel like there’s probably some way to just increase your storage limit on WP though. Self-hosting is a bit of work to get set up.


    1. I would have zero skill in doing that. I don’t see a way to increase the limit but it could be that I’m on the app on my phone. I’ll look into it on my work PC when I get in this afternoon


  2. I moved my site to my own wordpress page with hosting from siteground… I run our website at work, so was fairly familiar with the process. (it’s also cheaper than the wordpress premium plan). My plan (since I have 2 websites sitting there) has 20GB of space. Siteground also lets you optimize images.

    The biggest thing for me, though, was to put all my videos on youtube. It really saves a TON of space.


      1. Short answer? Yes.

        You would have to reupload all the files to youtube, replace the current videos in your posts with the youtube videos, and then go into your media and delete out the old videos.

        maybe a good quarantine project?


      2. If I end up home bound this would be a good project. Right now I am still working almost normal hours.

        I can do a little each day when i am slow though and free up space. Not like I have a lot of new material right now anyway

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  3. Uploading videos to YouTube is definitely a big one – it saves a lot of space. Also, I screenshot all of my pictures. They’re all quite large photos from my phone, so I upload them to my computer, screenshot them as big as they can go to keep the resolution, then upload them. This transfers a 6 MB picture to a nice, small KB size with the same resolution. Takes up a lot less space 🙂 Doing my media this way I’ve still only used about 6 GB of my allotted 13 GB.

    Unfortunately, since you are on your phone a lot, this may not help you. I just checked my phone details and a screenshot on my phone is pretty much just as big as the other photos, so that wouldn’t save you a lot of space. Cropping pictures helps, but it still won’t make a huge difference. Perhaps write the post on your phone and then upload pictures at home from your computer? That’s what I do a lot.

    I hope this helps!


  4. I compress (mostly by resizing) almost all my images before uploading them, though I’ll make exceptions for phone images if they aren’t too big. It’s just not necessary to have images in the 8-20 MB range when they are perfectly viewable on phone and computer screens in the 800 KB to 2 MB size.


  5. I much prefer Vimeo to Youtube, but any kind of video hosting site will definitely save you tons of space rather than uploading them directly to WordPress.


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