Alert! Moving

Hey all! I want to thank everyone who has followed this here blog full of my ramblings, successes and failures. I appreciate you!

I’m moving the blog to a new one effective now. A post about Eeyore’s lameness is up there currently. I haven’t used blogger in forever so I’m still trying to figure out the formatting and such. Head on over to: http://www.moonlitpastures.blogspot.com. I gave it the farm name figuring why not?

The reason for the move is pure laziness on my part. I posted a bit ago that I’ve used up my media limit here and while I could go back and delete all the old videos, upload to YouTube and re insert in the original posts….that’s never going to happen. Ever. I don’t have the motivation.

So it was either stop using media which…ugh no. Stop blogging….also no. Purchase another account here. Move to blogger for free.

This blog will remain for at least 9 more months. I’ve already paid for this year so why not let it sit. But I won’t pay to keep it going in the future so it may disappear. I’m not sure how that works. Nothing I’ve said is earth shattering or that important.

If you care to, change the blog in your reader to http://www.moonlitpastures.blogspot and join me as I continue with my ramblings full of pictures and new YouTube video links.

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