Waggy Tail

Waggy Wednesday

I’m still out of town and the app for WordPress is simply awful to use. I can’t even figure out how to put a caption on my pics 😦 so instead of wrestling with it any longer you get an update on the new furry love of my life.

Wags continues to go to work with me 3 days a week. She hasn’t (knock on everything even semi wood related) had an accident in the last two weeks. She is pretty lazy and this is her typical look when I try to take her outside to pee.

She is pretty well behaved though and has settle into a nice schedule. She sleeps from 8-1130 then wakes up and demands attention which is a bit hard since I see patients until 1230. I take her for a walk over my lunch break which tires her out until 330 when she again decides it is play time. We leave around 5 to get Wyatt. One day I walked back to find her on our lunch table. Bad puppy!

She loves riding in the car with me. For now she likes to sit with her front feet on the armrest between my seat and the passenger. She won’t for there for long though!

At home she is Einstein’s shadow. Mostly he loves it, but he has had to put her in her place a few times when he no longer wants to play and she jumps on his head.

The breed in general isn’t overly athletic so it’s no surprise that she isn’t thrilled with the idea of going for a walk. It’s nice to get out finally though. Dusty is super strict about what age a dog should be out on the town and she has finally reached that point. She has taken to the leash fairly well and so far doesn’t pull at all although she does weave around us a lot.

Waggy remains amazing with Wyatt letting him do nearly anything to her. She follows me around the house and is always, always smiling.

She is incredibly intelligent too but has a massive stubborn streak that drives my husband crazy. She is not the type to do the thing just because we ask. Most of the time she sits and debates whether it is worth her effort or not. I love it. Hubby gets annoyed.

She recently figured out how to jump on the couch so now there is no refuge from her. The other day hubby had a major pile up. Both dogs and Wyatt all on his lap.

Waggy Tails has been a great addition to our household. Yeah it makes life a little more work and adds some stress with house training and her chewing and now leash training but it is 100% worth it all.

Waggy Tail

Waggy Wednesday

Waggy Tails continues to be a delightful addition to our household. She goes to work with me 4 days a week and with the hubs on Wednesdays. Last week she weighed in at 14 lbs!! That's 4 pounds of growth in 2 weeks.

We have a good scheduled down already. She crashes in my office until 11:30 am when she then determines it is puppy play time. I have patients until 12:30 so that hour is a little interesting. She stays awake until 1 pm when she crashes out again until 3:30pm. We leave around 5.

She is getting much braver about leaving the immediate backyard. I was very excited the day she wandered all the way to the horse pasture and helped Wyatt fill the water trough.

She hasn't gone into the vast wilderness of the nasty hay field next to our pasture. It's mostly weeds at this point and the fact that the guy has yet to make a second cutting is really annoying as not only does it look gross but is killing off any chance I have at riding at home.

The above is my favorite picture to date of her. Her floofiness hasn't changed one bit!

Einstein is worn out by her. She never passes up a chance to wrestle and as long as she is awake he is getting bugged. She is the very definition of the annoying little sister.

Most of the time she can be found passed out. Waggy Tails is the laziest pup I've ever met. I swear she sleeps 20 hours a day!

Wyatt continues to be in love although she has started her puppy chewing/biting phase and that scared him off of too much playing.

My two favorite girls!

There is just something about her that has crawled its way into my heart. She is a pretty serious puppy and is extremely intelligent which is a trait my last two dogs did not share. She is on par with my corgi in that regard. Most of the time she looks at my in condescension.

And then she falls asleep with her nose deep in my shoe. Puppies!

Waggy Tail

Waggy Wednesday

Waggy Tails has settled right into life at our house. I keep telling Dusty that she is going to be one excellent dog when she is grown up as I keep seeing little snippets of her personality come to life.

Super Wags to the rescue!!!
Einstein wasn’t so thrilled with his batdog outfit

For starters, she is wicked smart. I thought I was getting a big, dumb dog, but instead I have a likeness closer to my Corgi, Hero. In fact, there are so many times that I see her out of the corner of my eye and think I see Hero looking back at me. It is a flash back to older times and one I didn’t realize I missed so darn much.

She learned her name in under 24 hours, mostly has the whole house training thing down with only a few puppy mishaps when I can’t get to her quick enough, and has begun work on sit and come. I am waiting on stay for a while yet as she is only 9 weeks old.

Lazy puppy chilling with me at work.

In general, she is a very lazy pup. I’ve been spoiled in the past with high energy dogs, but specifically wanted a more chilled out breed with our busy work and non dog approved life schedules. She has about an hour to an hour and a half of play time in the morning that result sin full blown passed out puppy napping until dinner. Even when she is awake, she prefers to sit or lay down to play.

Eating while laying down. Gotta save those calories for growing.

I finally managed to convince her that it was a good idea to walk to the horse pasture this past weekend. The hubby is already having flashbacks to the attitude of Hero and just shakes his head when he asks her to come along outside with him and instead she sits, looks at him, looks back at the house and saunters back to the garage to ask to come inside.

She melted

Waggy Tails refuses to use up any more energy than she absolutely must at any given time. In fact, she is sounding more and more Gem like to me as I type which does’t surprise me as I tend to gravitate towards that personality.

Pink with sparkles suits her

She is absolutely perfect with Wyatt. She puts up with him carrying her around, wrestling and in general annoying the crap out of her. She has never run away from him, hid, or made a peep. Actually, she hasn’t made much noise the entire time we have had her. Wyatt adores her and I catch him often hugging her and telling her she is his best friend. In fact, she is pretty much amenable to everything.

Too much adorable for me

One of my biggest concerns with getting a puppy was the cats. Smokey is 14, Echo 8 and they really didn’t take to Einstein very well even though both have been around dogs their entire life. I don’t know if Waggy Tails puts off the right type of signal or if it is her laid back attitude, but both have taken to her immediately and I see no signs of any change in their personality, health, eating or daily routines.

Why hello there!


Waggy Tails has really been a blessing for our family. I had gone back and forth about it. Life is hectic enough with everything else going on that adding a puppy to the mix could have been a disaster. It may still be, but for now all that has happened in the addition of more love.

Rawr! Get him Waggy!
Waggy Tail

Life is Short….Get the Puppy

One and a half years ago my heart was ripped out and shredded when Bones left us. I always knew she was my special girl, but it has taken me this long to find peace with her passing. 

This summer I found myself smiling at her memories instead of becoming teary and I knew it was time to fill the large void that she left. I love Einstein, but there is something about a big dog that I miss dearly. 

Now you’d think being married to a vet would make the dog selection process easier. In fact it is quite the opposite. Every breed I mentioned was responded to with a laundry list of health and behavioral issues. Finally I landed on one that would fit in perfectly and for once the hubby was silent. That’s as close to approval as I’ll ever get when it comes to adding a furry family member. 

All that was left was selecting a breeder and waiting for puppies. Turned out I didn’t need to wait. A breeder in Aiken had a litter from May 17, 2017 with four females ready for homes. We went to “just look” on Saturday afternoon and came home with this little ball of floof. 

Wyatt promptly named her Waggy Tail. Not my first choice but better than his typical Wyatt or Gizmo. We will call her Wags for short.

Wyatt immediately fell in love and I have some serious competition for puppy time. She sat with him in his car seat most of the way home and if she is allowed to walk on her own it s a miracle. I don’t mind though. She is going to get big fast and soon will be too heavy for him to lift. 

He snuggled with her for nearly the entire 2 hour ride home. I have a feeling they will be fast friends

I really hope she becomes Wyatt’s best friend. I believe every little boy needs a dog best friend and Einstein just isn’t it for him. 

As for me, I’m already quite taken to her. So fluffy. So cute. So loveable. I can’t wait to see what all we do together. Einstein isn’t so sure about her just yet. She is a bit small for him and he isn’t so keen on sharing after all these years alone. He will start loving her too once she gets big enough to interact with him more. 

She loves to snuggle. Something I’ll need to remember once she hits the teenage years
I have a dozen of these shots of her. She is hard to take pics of!
Puppy pounce!
Little ears can still flop
Be still my heart
All worn out

Welcome to the crazy family, Waggy Tail!