Farm life

Farm Life Update

Just over a month into this whole thing and I can say without a single hesitation or fleeting doubt that I absolutely adore having the horses home.

Finally got the horses a mineral block. They both went to town on it.

I’ll admit to a little trepidation when it all began. Everyone kept telling me how much work it was going to be…how little time I would have for anything else…how I would miss boarding.

The shelter barely moves on a day with 30 mph wind gusts. I was nervous and watched it anxiously, but all was good and stable.

You know what? Everyone was dead wrong.

We have established a nice little routine: Dusty gets up earlier than I do and always takes care of breakfast and I get home from work before he does and  handle dinner. We both have mentioned numerous times that we love just hanging out in the pasture with the Dynamic Duo while they eat and how relaxing it all is. Honestly, feeding them grain and hay, even including the fact we have been spoiling them with unnecessary mashes, takes all of 15 minutes and even in the pouring rain it was still an easy and enjoyable task.

I love these delicate white flowers with the green dots. Only one bunch has bloomed so far.

I’ve already talked about how much easier riding has been. Now that it is staying light out later, I can even sneak in a ride after work once again. In addition, the money we are saving in not paying board (we already paid for grain), even with the addition of hay costs, has opened up the ability for me to take lessons – something I’ve wanted to do for forever.

Its also been nice to learn a lot more of their routines. The water tank needs topped off every 2-3 days depending on the weather. They spend the morning soaking up the early sun rays between the shelter and the fence and then after breakfast they go to the far corner to hang out and gossip with Rhino. While Gem and Pete are really great buddies, they are often grazing in separate parts of the pasture and only come together to groom or if Gem is scared of something. Gem always hides behind Pete to try to get out of work or when she is scared. Pete, on his part, is a great security guard for her.

Pete always tips his bowl upside down when he has finished his dinner

I haven’t been home to catch them napping, which is sad. I’ve always wanted to catch them napping.


Life is really enjoyable and way less stressful now that they are home. I no longer feel guilty if I don’t ride because I see Gem constantly and pet her every day, take her out to groom and in general just hang out. Everything is just more relaxing and calmer.

Both Wyatt and Einstein have a new found freedom as well. I’ll be cooking dinner and here the quad running outside and there goes Wyatt – driving around to his hearts content. Einstein has room to run and often comes inside exhausted and flops on the couch for a nap.

Dusty returns from a 15 mile run Sunday morning to be tackled by Optimus Prime.

This has been the best thing to happen to our little family and I catch myself often thinking how great things are right now. There is nothing I am currently pining for and wishing I had. Nothing feels missing in life.


12 thoughts on “Farm Life Update”

  1. Yes! I agree. Having the horses home has been the best decision I have ever made, even with no electric or running water anywhere near our pasture. We too enjoy standing in the pasture and watching the horses eat, especially on summer nights. I just saw our two napping in the sunshine yesterday, flat on their sides. It’s the first time I’ve seen them both down at the same time, and they’ve been home for two years. I know they do it because I see the imprints in the soil, but I almost never see it. It sounds like everyone has settled in and the routine works for all of you. For me personally, it’s hard to picture going back (even though I did self care even before they were home.) Enjoy!


  2. So glad having them home is working out super well, it’s a dream come true I’m sure (: I was VERY close to making an offer on some horse property last year but it was sadly and realistically unpractical in my current life stage for a lot of reasons. Maybe one day though!


  3. I can’t imagine NOT having the horses home any more. I love it for all the reasons that you said. Sometimes it is a lot of work (especially winter) but it’s worth it. My life would feel hollow if they left.
    One thing I learned was to ride FIRST. I can always find the energy for the chores but if I do the chores first i don’t always have the energy to ride.


  4. Glad you are enjoying the ponies at home!!! I also love having my guys at home and the only time I wish I was boarding is when I’m out of town or sick. I can’t ask my husband to feed bc he has a major hay allergy and it would probably kill him if he had to handle the hay. Work sometimes gets in the way (there are days I leave my house at 6:45am) but my guys are so easy I’ve been able to manage it well enough. But most of the time I enjoy petting, snuggling, and laughing at my goofy horses doing their thing and wouldn’t change anything (except have better grass! That’s a work in progress but I wish it would speed up!)


    1. Poor hubby! I wish we had more control over the pasture but I’m so thankful we have what we do. We are learning a lot and when we eventually own our own place we will be better for it. Grass down here is so hard to manage specially with how dry it has been this year.


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