San Diego Day #2

Day 2 started at 4:00 am. Neither Wyatt nor Ingot used to the 3 hour time difference and it made for a long, but fun, day. Here it is in pictures:

The day started with my conference which after all was the entire reason for me being in San Diego. Work before play
Once that was taken care of we hit the public transportation to head to the San Diego Zoo. Two trains and a city bus. All firsts for Wyatt.
Train family selfie
San Diego Zoo. Bring it!!
Komodo Dragon. Wyatt loved this guy! He waved, said hello, and had to be dragged away. I’ll admit to be equally enthralled. He was really active
Galapagos tortoise.
I adored the aviary sections. Reminded me of the Pittsburgh Aviary where I grew up. Wyatt was not interested in the bird areas at all which was a shame. I could have sat watching the birds all day
He was so cute walking around. He did great all day walking up all the hills during all over the place
The bears are always my favorite. I was disappointed that they were all napping
The pandas were choking down. I’ve never seen them before and this made the day at the zoo. They were so cute!
After eating he went for a stroll then hit his pool. So cute!
Lunch break!
It was lunch time all over the zoo. The giraffes were choking down on the foliage placed up high for their comfort.
We hopped on a double decker bus for a short break. Wyatt got bored super fast so we got off two stops into it which forced us to have to back track in foot quite a bit.
I enjoyed the few minutes of sitting. The weather was perfect for a day outside. The sun was a bit hotter than the day before and there was a slight breeze. Compared to the severe storms and tornados back home this was perfect.
Spring is my favorite time of year. Everything about it is wonderful. The flowers were out in full force and the world was just ablaze in color.
Playing around near the polar bears.
Baby ducks!!!!
No clue what this animal is but I found it fascinating. Zebra striped legs, antelope like body and huge ears. The mere fact that there is an animal walking the earth that looks like this makes me believe in magic all over again
They looked so cuddly and soft. I stopped myself from reaching out a hand to run the fuzzy nose.
I nearly walked right past this enclosure with the female wart hog looking thing in it. Then I saw the cute little baby and fell in love
We ended the zoo outing with a face painting. They did a great job. Wyatt adored it and it was worth every penny

Dinner was at The New Yorker. The pizza was fantastic. SC can not make a pizza for their life. It was nice to eat a good tasting pizza for the first time in 4 years!

After dinner the boys went back to the pool. I was exhausted and stayed in zoning out to Food Network and writing up this post. 

9 thoughts on “San Diego Day #2”

    1. I just came to comment about the same thing! I love Okapis. (Is that the proper plural, I wonder?) I also love the San Diego zoo. My best friend lives in SD and we go every time I’m there because she has connections to get us free tickets =)


      1. When you live in the area, you buy the season passes. You have to go like 2-3 times depending upon the level for it to pay for itself. Plus the season passes cover both the zoo and safari park.


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