San Diego Day #3

Unfortunately my conference started today, so I had to part ways and attend lectures for most of the day. 

Nothing makes a 7:30am lecture a good experience except when it is paired with free food. It made the discussion much more enjoyable.
There was a huge break after breakfast which I used to have a blogger meet up!!! I was so excited to meet with the author of Viva Carlos. She is AMAZING and I only wish I lived close enough to get to know her better. I’m sure we could be friends in real life. Anyway…I grabbed my first ever Lyft ride out to her place and then hoped in her car for a drive out to her barn and local tack shop before hitting up lunch. The drive was gorgeous.
Wild flowers were in abundance along the roadside. Apparently the region has gotten its fair share of rain and the flowers were in full bloom. It was gorgeous!
You would think that being so close to the Tryon International Equestrian Center, home of the 2016/2017 AECs and the 2018 WEG, would mean we have good tack stores. Reality is there aren’t any worth their salt. I just had to get inside a real tack store and drool all over everything. I nearly bought a red and black dressage quilted pad, but realized I had no room in my suitcase to get it back home and sadly put it back.
Beautiful leather everywhere. Just breathing in the scent was enough to satiate me.
Next she took me off to her barn. I was really interested to see how things were done on the West coast. It’s so different than back east. Her barn is massive!! Seeing it in person brought it into perspective for me. Dante is going to have a wonderful home. I also got to meet her trainer too.
More wild flowers on the drive back from the barn. Of course I failed to take any pictures of her or myself. My picture game is lacking.
Then it was time. TACO TIME. I had mentioned to L that I had only had crap tacos, Toxic Hell or homemade kit ones, and I didn’t really get the whole taco addiction. She took me to her favorite spot and I ordered “what she’s having”. It was delicious! Nothing like anything I’d ever called a taco before. So. Good. In fact good enough for me to break my no good picture rule for the second time of the day.
Wyatt and Dusty got off the bus a few blocks away and met us briefly before L took me back to the conference center. We walked down to the ocean overlook then parted ways wth my boys.
Following the blue carpet to my lecture. There are some amazing things being done that can change lives. Currently there is a trial being started on a procedure to CURE spina bifida in utero and erase all neurological defects. A mini trial of four patients was performed with excellent results. It’s simply amazing.
Waiting for the next lecture to start. Apparently all alone but it did fill
Wyatt building a sand castle. The boys went to Pacific Beach and met up with me in passing as we finished eating lunch. I have them a hug and told them to have fun while I was taken back to the conference center for the afternoon of lectures.
Wyatt enjoying the beach to its max. The boy LOVES everything about the beach: waves, water, sand, sun. I was sorry to miss it but I needed to attend the conference.

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    1. If I was traveling alone that would be very true. Unfortunately my carry on is full of matchbox cars, bat mobile, and other assorted figures plus kids books and other things to keep a 4 yo busy and happy on the flight.


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