San Diego Day #4

Everyone woke up tired this morning but at least the clock said 6 am which was the latest to date. The conference schedule was heavier in the morning and late afternoon, but had a big break in the late morning/early afternoon which allowed for some family time. 

Breakfast was no where near as good today as yesterday which was a bummer. The talk was equally as poor which made the early hour seem even more cruel.
Turns out today was also opening day for the Padres. They were playing the Giants. I announced to Wyatt that they were playing the New York Giants which garnered odd looks from everyone near me. Turns out it was the San Francisco Giants. Seriously? Come up with a more original name if you don’t want to be mistaken.
Wyatt came on this trip with three goals: go to the zoo, play in the ocean and ride a roller coaster. We checked off the others already so today was off to Belmont Park. He was too small for the roller coaster, but there were other rides he could have fun on
Belmont Park was a total flashback in time. Small community park teeming with teenagers and early college students on dates and causing minor trouble. Small kids enjoying the rides and fair food.
No trip to the amusement park is without overly priced cotton candy. Wyatt spied it immediately upon entering and choked down
He was not impressed with the dinky train ride.
The race car ride which in my hometown amusement park was called the whip was a big hit. It went slow on the long sides and then sped around the turns.
He laughed and laughed going around the turns. He was pretending to be Gizmo from the Gremlins movie at the end when he drives the pink car and kills Stripe
Watching his little face light up with glee made my day. He was having so much fun that I didn’t mind him riding it again and again.
The carousel was another big hit although he was super serious the entire ride
This is a kids version of the popular tower of terror type ride. He was happy to get on it but had no real clue what it was going to do. He looked so tiny in the seat.
It went up and he looked an it scared for the moment it stayed still. When it dropped he laughed so loud it rang throughout the park. The ride went up and down a dozen times and he was giggling I much he could barely breathe
It’s a good thing I adore rollercoasters and thrill rides. This guy is going to be my partner in crime. Dusty hates them so he will be the old we then holding the drinks and taking pictures.
The last ride he was big enough to ride was a version of bumper cars. I was really worried he wouldn’t be able to work it cuz you had to move the shifters forward and back and if you did one more than the other you’d go in a circle. He surprised the crap out of me by rocking it. He thought it was hilarious to hit others and could make that thing go anywhere he wanted it to
Unfortunately the afternoon came to and end I needed to get back for more lectures on wound care. Wyatt and Dusty took a nap while I learned about all the wonderful new mandates that the government is putting on doctors next year such as reported Yelp reviews to determine your reimbursement. My blood pressure was through the roof by the end of it. Then the next lecture was on a new drug coming out that will create the physiologic responses that exercise does without having to you know exert yourself. The human race never ceases to amaze me.
Petco Park was breaking at the seems with opening day. The Padres ended up winning 7-6
So the night before I may have had a temper tantrum when I got done with lectures and Dusty had me make all the dinner plans after making all their day time plans for them as well. I’m the social planner for our family and always have been. Typically I don’t mind but when I’m tired and hungry it would be nice if he just said “we are going here and this is how we will get there” instead of making me do it. When I got done today Dusty informed me he had made reservations. I didn’t know it was at Flemings.
One look at the menu prices and I needed a glass of wine to be able to enjoy it without having an aneurysm. The wine was fantabulous. I’m not a big alcohol drinker but when I do enjoy of good Chardonnay Sauvignon. This was the best I had ever had. Smooth and full bodied. It went right to my head and by the time it was 3/4 gone my nose was numb.
Since Dusty and I got special drinks, Wyatt got one too. This was actually really good.
Dinner was amazing. Simply amazing.
We ended it with a stamp at Ghirardelli for ice cream. The walk back was littered with all the people coming out of the game. I missed the nearly empty streets from the week days as it made the city seem nearly private.

4 thoughts on “San Diego Day #4”

  1. I think technically … the San Francisco Giants are the New York Giants. I’m no football fan, so I don’t know all the details, but teams get bought and sold all the time. Kinda like how the Rams went from being in L.A and then moved to St Louis and now they’re back in L.A again.


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