San Diego Day #5

One last day. Saturday was really full at the conference and so I sent the boys on their way at 7:30 am. They went to Balboa Park to hunt Pokémon and then spent more time at the zoo. I sat and learned and then explored the massive vendor area and fell in love. I adore vendor areas. So much free stuff. So much in fact that my suitcase weighed 3 pounds overweight at the airport Sunday morning! Oops.

Early morning reading material. At least they served a good breakfast along with it.
The late afternoon was light so I met up with the boys at the trolley then caught a bus to Pacific Beach. I was optimistic and changed into my bathing suit.
The Atlantic along the coast of SC was 86F last June when we went to the beach. It was deliciously warm and I spent the entire day in the water. I was a bit worried when I was full of goosebumps just walking to the waters edge that things would be very different here and so early in the year.
That little running shadow is Wyatt. One foot in the water and I learned my lesson. The Pacific is ice cold as water feeds into it from Alaska. No way was I going in. But the scenery was gorgeous, the waves large and the kiddo was having a blast. No complaints from me.
After the beach we walked over to a Denny’s restaurant for dinner. Wyatt snuggled up on Dusty and told us he wanted to go home. He was homesick and missed his guinea pig.
When we got off the bus at the beach there was a custom ice cream sandwich shop. The line for it was halfway down the block. I told Dusty I wanted to go after dinner. After all, my diet had been blown long before on this trip. Why not finish it off? The place did not disappoint. Everything was custom order from the cookies or brownies to the ice cream flavor and added toppings. It did not dissappoint.
We were right in L’s neighborhood and I had texted her that we were at the beach. She was unable to meet us there but she and her SO met up with us at dinner and then for ice cream after. I didn’t completely fail this time and got a picture. Well, technically she took it but it was on my phone, so that counts for something! I left wishing we lived closer. They are great people and a lot of fun. Her SO has some competition though. During ice cream Wyatt looked over at L and said “I can show you my bedroom” 4 is a little too young for pick up lines!!

After that it was time to grab the bus then the trolley and pack up. Given a choice I always pick the earliest flight and this time was no exception. Another 6 am flight for us meant a 3:30 am wake up. Wyatt was ready to head home which was a relief. I was a little concerned there would be some tantrums involved in the leaving process.

All in all it was an amazing trip. I hadn’t been on a real vacation in 5 years when we went to Rolex for my 30th birthday. This trip was mixed with work which was the only way I could convince myself to take the time off. It was so nice to travel and explore once again.

13 thoughts on “San Diego Day #5”

      1. I went there just this last weekend too. (Different store in the chain) OMG the cookies were fantastic and they give you so much. Definitely not a flat little ice cream sandwich.


    1. They need to come to SC. Actually, scratch that. It’s better that they don’t. Between that, the donut bar with donuts as big as my head and the Ghirardelli store, I think I gained 5 pounds and became diabetic on this trip


  1. I’m so glad you were able to mix a fun trip in with work! I did the same to San Diego last fall. Being from Northern California, I never knew ocean water could be warm until I went to Hawaii when I was 12. Before that it was freezing and coming out blue and chattering as the norm! Glad you made it to the Pacific Ocean, now to really see the ocean at it’s finest you have to come to Northern California!


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