Waggy Tail

Waggy Wednesday

Waggy Tails continues to be a delightful addition to our household. She goes to work with me 4 days a week and with the hubs on Wednesdays. Last week she weighed in at 14 lbs!! That's 4 pounds of growth in 2 weeks.

We have a good scheduled down already. She crashes in my office until 11:30 am when she then determines it is puppy play time. I have patients until 12:30 so that hour is a little interesting. She stays awake until 1 pm when she crashes out again until 3:30pm. We leave around 5.

She is getting much braver about leaving the immediate backyard. I was very excited the day she wandered all the way to the horse pasture and helped Wyatt fill the water trough.

She hasn't gone into the vast wilderness of the nasty hay field next to our pasture. It's mostly weeds at this point and the fact that the guy has yet to make a second cutting is really annoying as not only does it look gross but is killing off any chance I have at riding at home.

The above is my favorite picture to date of her. Her floofiness hasn't changed one bit!

Einstein is worn out by her. She never passes up a chance to wrestle and as long as she is awake he is getting bugged. She is the very definition of the annoying little sister.

Most of the time she can be found passed out. Waggy Tails is the laziest pup I've ever met. I swear she sleeps 20 hours a day!

Wyatt continues to be in love although she has started her puppy chewing/biting phase and that scared him off of too much playing.

My two favorite girls!

There is just something about her that has crawled its way into my heart. She is a pretty serious puppy and is extremely intelligent which is a trait my last two dogs did not share. She is on par with my corgi in that regard. Most of the time she looks at my in condescension.

And then she falls asleep with her nose deep in my shoe. Puppies!

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