Waggy Tail

Waggy Wednesday

I’m still out of town and the app for WordPress is simply awful to use. I can’t even figure out how to put a caption on my pics 😦 so instead of wrestling with it any longer you get an update on the new furry love of my life.

Wags continues to go to work with me 3 days a week. She hasn’t (knock on everything even semi wood related) had an accident in the last two weeks. She is pretty lazy and this is her typical look when I try to take her outside to pee.

She is pretty well behaved though and has settle into a nice schedule. She sleeps from 8-1130 then wakes up and demands attention which is a bit hard since I see patients until 1230. I take her for a walk over my lunch break which tires her out until 330 when she again decides it is play time. We leave around 5 to get Wyatt. One day I walked back to find her on our lunch table. Bad puppy!

She loves riding in the car with me. For now she likes to sit with her front feet on the armrest between my seat and the passenger. She won’t for there for long though!

At home she is Einstein’s shadow. Mostly he loves it, but he has had to put her in her place a few times when he no longer wants to play and she jumps on his head.

The breed in general isn’t overly athletic so it’s no surprise that she isn’t thrilled with the idea of going for a walk. It’s nice to get out finally though. Dusty is super strict about what age a dog should be out on the town and she has finally reached that point. She has taken to the leash fairly well and so far doesn’t pull at all although she does weave around us a lot.

Waggy remains amazing with Wyatt letting him do nearly anything to her. She follows me around the house and is always, always smiling.

She is incredibly intelligent too but has a massive stubborn streak that drives my husband crazy. She is not the type to do the thing just because we ask. Most of the time she sits and debates whether it is worth her effort or not. I love it. Hubby gets annoyed.

She recently figured out how to jump on the couch so now there is no refuge from her. The other day hubby had a major pile up. Both dogs and Wyatt all on his lap.

Waggy Tails has been a great addition to our household. Yeah it makes life a little more work and adds some stress with house training and her chewing and now leash training but it is 100% worth it all.

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