Quarter 3 Goal Review

Seriously?? Is it October already? Thankfully the weather has started to cooperate some and the mornings are getting cooler.

Time to look back through my goals and see where we are. I’ve been doing a whole lot of thinking lately and haven’t really reached any conclusions, but it was really nice to talk about it during the pace last weekend to confirm some of my feelings of late.

Gemmie Life Goals

FOCUS – With Gem it is going to be all about finding the right balance of being with her and not being away from the family too much.  Success!!!

1.) Bring her and Pete home.   Yup!

2.) Start riding consistently 2 days a week. I’ve been riding at least two days a week for the past couple of months and it is really working out great. 

3.) 1-2 long trail rides a month, preferably with friends.  Yes!! it is always more fun with friends.


4.) Make it to 1 lesson a month.  Yes again!!! 
Wow – that is 100% goal attainment for Gem 🙂
Gemmie Competition Goals

1.) Complete a 50 mile endurance ride towards our decade team award.

2.) Complete a Ride and Tie of any length.

3.) Make a decision on what to do about her 100 mile bronze medal.

4.) Make it to a dressage show and not make a complete fool out of ourselves.

None of the above competition goals matter any more. I’m not chasing endurance miles or doing R&T at this time and have no plans to return to those sports any time soon. Not because I don’t love them, but because they just don’t fit right now into my life and family. If they ever do again I’d be open to rejoin the competition fray, but for now my focus is completely elsewhere.


0% attaintment here, but that is planned and I don’t mind one bit.

Me: Life Goals

FOCUS – For me it is going to be all about striking a better balance in life. Currently, I feel guilty when I don’t ride and guilty when I do. I haven’t taken an actual vacation longer than a long weekend since 2007. This is mostly accomplished. I have no guilt whatsoever in my riding life as things have balanced out nicely. I did take an actual vacation as well as a work trip. Life is good.

1.) Stop feeling guilty about self care time.   No guilt remains for now. 

2.) Run 2 days a week minimum.  I sorta run. Some weeks I fit in multiple runs and others I don’t run at all. I stopped stressing about it. If it fits in and I feel up to it, I run. If not, I hang out with Wyatt or go ride or read a book. So much less self induced stress. 

3.) Ride 2 days a week.  Yes!

4.) Establish with a primary care doctor and get a physical.  Uh..yeah nope. Its still on my list of things to do though and the year isn’t over yet. 

5.) Figure out just what I want with my relationship with Gem. Is it okay to back off and just putz around? Do I need to have some set competition/training plans to feel satisfied?  I think I’ve figured this out. I’m not happy just putzing around. I need goals to work towards and I need to feel like I am learning something new and moving forward. I don’t care so much about a competition schedule or record, but I do need to feel like I am going some where. 

6.) Continue with my pen pals. Add two new ones from new countries. This has mostly dried up somehow. 

7.) Create a smashbook for Wyatt.  Not looking promising since I lost the book when we moved last January and have yet to find it. 

8.) Find a trainer that I can work well with in regards to approach, personality and scheduling.Trainer J and I have been working together twice a month sine February of last year. 

5/8, 62%. Not too bad.

Me: Competition Goals
1.) Complete a half marathon.  Nope and probably not gonna happen unless I just happen to lose my mind and sign up. 

2.) Complete a full marathon. Nope

3)  Host a Ride and Tie.  Nope and not even on my list of wants at this time. Too much time and money is required and I have neither at the moment. 
0/3 in this category.

As far as life balancing, happiness, and general care goals are concerned I am doing extremely well. I feel way less stressed these days even with an insanely busy work schedule and our always busy home life. There really isn’t a whole lot I wish to change right now.
When you look at competition goals, basically I suck but that is because my entire focus shifted from one discipline to another after I made my 2017 goals. Nothing like a major shift in direction to make you look like a failure. I’m not stressing about it though. The major thing I learned here is to make some over lying goals for the entire year in terms of self and horse care, but maybe focus on quarterly goals only next year when it comes to competition.
One quarter left to go in 2017 and then bring on 2018!!

5 thoughts on “Quarter 3 Goal Review”

  1. It’s good not to stress, I think sometimes we get so caught up in trying to reach goals that we lose sight of the fact that its okay if you don’t. It’s just something to help with the day to day and compile details. (It sounds silly but learning to forgive myself for things I didn’t do was a huge hurdle I finally got the hang of in adult life.) You’ve accomplished quite a lot in the last quarter, lots to be proud of.


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