2017 Reading Challenge

Popsugar Reading Challenge Book #35

This prompt was one I was glad to give over to the mother ship as I would have had no clue what to choose. As it is, I’m not sure this pick really fits the prompt because I’m 110% sure my mother had never even heard of the author before and she is the least political person I’ve ever met. But, it was her pick so I read it. At least it was short.

A book written by someone you admire- Trump and Me by Mark Singer

Mark Singer was given an assignment in the early 2000s to get to know Donald Trump. At first he balked at the idea, but his editor held the cards and he had no choice. He spent several months tailing Donald Trump and meeting up with him at various locations trying to get to know the real man behind the facade.

I’m not really sure what the book is actually trying to do. It is 133 pages, per my kindle version, and just never really does much. 90% of the book is dedicated to running the numbers on Trump’s various business exploits, homes, deals and casinos. It focused on times spent while Trump was making a public appearance or playing up to a crowd and make specific note of how he put on a show for the public.

If the author was trying to find the man behind the pomp and circumstance, he never did. Maybe there isn’t one.

The book was a quick read, I finished it in a couple of hours. It failed to shed any light on the man’s routines, his thoughts, his emotions or really anything other than acting as an accounting manifesto for all the business dealings, both in the red and black. By the end of the book, I knew nothing new about our now President and had no additional insights to his personal failings or accomplishments. All I had was a running tally of money.

I don’t recommend this book at all no matter which side of the political line you are on.


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