NaBloPoMo Day 10: How My Family and Friends Feel About My Riding

Oh..interesting prompt.


In general, the hubby is very supportive and understands my need for an outlet from work and home life. he is an ultra runner, so he understands the need for conditioning and training that is involved. I think he understood endurance a lot more than this new jumping/eventing thing. He could relate to the love of the trail, the speed and the distance. He supported me being gone all day out on trail and tagged along to the hunter paces I used for conditioning. He was present for my 100 as well.

This new discipline bores the crap out of him and I get that. I mean, we arrive 4 hours too early for my class, he stands around trying to entertain a toddler when there is nothing present to do it with, and then he watches me go for 2 minutes. Plus I’m kind of a nervous bitch the entire time.

The money suck gets to him every once in a while. Lessons, shows, tack, gear. It all adds up on top of the every day maintenance costs of owning a horse. But he gets it and doesn’t complain. Mostly because he knows how cheaply I do this and that it could be a lot worse.


They don’t get it. They aren’t animal people. They aren’t horse people. They love living in the suburbs close to everything and have no ability to understand my need to be on land in the country. They try though. If I ask for a specific horse item for a gift, they try their hardest to get it even though they have no clue what they are buying. Mom and dad even came to my CT in June and stood around waiting to watch me go. It made the entire day.


Pretty much all my friends are horse friends. Moving to a new state as an adult made making friends pretty rough. The only way I met people was through riding, so that is who I am surrounded by right now. All my friends think my riding is great 🙂

4 thoughts on “NaBloPoMo Day 10: How My Family and Friends Feel About My Riding”

  1. yea my family doesn’t really get it either haha. well, my parents do, but none of the other family members. my grandfather is pretty sure i “steeplechase” and tells me to let him know when i’m actually jumping “big” things bc then maybe he’ll care more. and he means BIG. bc…. yea, no concept lol and anything <3' doesn't impress him. my parents will come to some of my shows tho and yea, i love it too 🙂


  2. My mom is the reason I ride and my dad just goes along with it. He now knows how to feed the horses and he does enjoy that! But my grandparents … they politely tried to get me to like something else, anything else, like tennis? Boring. For Christmas I’d always have to come up with something non-horsey to ask them for. It was very hard.

    And YES to riding friends!!!!!!! Riding friends are the best 😁


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