NaBloPoMo Day 11: Find a Horse Online I Would Want to Buy

With Gem nearing 20 years old (will the mare ever calm down!?!?!) the thought of my next partner is always lurking in the back of my mind. Gem was purchased off a single line, no picture ad that read “Bay Arab mare 10 years old” Yup, that was smart. My next horse will be more heavily researched, trialed and trainer approved. And while my next purchase is several years off, it doesn’t stop me from drooling over the flood of horses always on my FB timeline from various local horse groups. There is a slew of horses always for sale although most are over priced, under trained or OTTBs. None of which I am looking for.

Then one day I spied this farm. Somehow they got shared on the SC page even though they are up in PA. I’m sure Trainer would give me a very quick NO on any of these beauties, but I don’t care. I want them ALL. Now please! Thank you very much.  They specialize in driving and riding horses with a lot of draft crosses and purebred Dutch Harness horses.

My favorite is already sold, but I want to take a minute to drool over Porter again because wow….

Porter’s ad. I don’t want to steal any pictures, so click on the link to see it.

Of the currently available horses, I’d say my favorite is Cooper. He does it all, is much more reasonably sized at 15.3 and if I pretended really hard I could maybe, possibly consider affording him.

This farm is on my short list of places to look at once I am truly in the market. They seem to produce well rounded horses that are at home out on the trail and in the arena with solid brains and good conformation. Only a few years until I can shop for real!



12 thoughts on “NaBloPoMo Day 11: Find a Horse Online I Would Want to Buy”

  1. I watch this farm online and want ALL OF THEIR HORSES. OMG. There was a big chestnut with a blaze… Belgian X… that I wanted in the worst way about a year ago. AND they know how to put together good sale videos, which makes me happy.


  2. Ooooh there are some lookers!! It was relatively easy for me to start shopping bc I knew I wanted a bargain basement ottb so…. Like you say, there are plenty of fish in that sea. there are some really nice other types out there tho – I’ll be curious to see what all you find when that future time comes!


    1. OTTBs make wonderful partners, I just don’t think I’m the type for them. Although the more bloggers that get one the more I learn how vastly different they all are. Which shouldn’t be a surprise. Every breed has its own variety within. I’m also curious as to what I end up with in the future.


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