NaBloPoMo Day 14: My Dream Farm

Oh…how painful this topic is!!! If you missed the post The Story of a Dream, it was a decent one and really goes into depth my dream of owning my own farm and what that entails. I don’t want to just re-write that here, so I’ll take this a slightly different direction.

If I were to build my dream farm, what would that look like? First and foremost it would be private and peaceful. From any point on my property I would not want to see a single building, person, road, vehicle or animal that I didn’t own. My bubble would be bullet proof.

famr layout
This layout is pretty much what I’d do with land with some modifications. Ignore the bridge to the right, replace the corral/tank/shelter with the barn and add an arena. Done.

All fencing would allow 10-12′ of cleated riding and mowing space to allow for a galloping lane where I could place logs or rail road ties for cross country style jumps. I really like the idea of incorporating coop style fences into the fence line as well. All fencing would be wood.

This style, but wood

The barn itself would be a simple one story design with 8 stalls on one side and a temperature controlled tack room, feed room, hot and cold wash rack and hay storage on the other. All stalls would have dutch style doors looking outside. On the outside it would have an overhang to act as shelter for the horses while the rest would be closed. Nothing too fancy or hard to keep up, but nice and airy.

I found this online and how cool is that? These are for hanging blankets to keep them clean and out of the way when not in use.  

My arena would be another story. It would be large. As big as I could possible make it. Lights are a necessity when you work full time during the day. If we are talking dreams here, might as well put a cover on it. I don’t want a indoor as it would get way too hot all summer, but a cover to keep the rain off would be nice.

I’ll take one of these two please! I like the board fence versus solid wall around the exterior for air flow. 

That’s about it I suppose. Functional but nice. Lots of room, solid mature grass in the pastures and lights to ride by at night. Am I asking too much? Apparently 😦

7 thoughts on “NaBloPoMo Day 14: My Dream Farm”

    1. Yes! But only if it’s somewhere warm 🙂 my dream farm just got listed two days ago. Gorgeous house, my perfect barn and on a private trail system of over 100 miles. Problem? It’s listed at 1.3 million!! Hahahahahahha! Let me go cry in the corner

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