Pete Shows Off

By the time I got home Sunday it was pouring down rain and staying around 40F. I’m not one to dress my horses up in the cold, but cold and wet? They deserved to get the blankets on.

While Gem was still in the trailer, I grabbed Pete and put his blanket on him. I’m still not sure if he was really happy to be dry and warm or if he was really pissed off, but as I went to unload Gem I heard thundering hooves and looked out to see this.

He carried on like that for a good while.

At 26 years old he is moving pretty darn good.


And staying his sassy self


8 thoughts on “Pete Shows Off”

  1. I love when they get so up like that (i prefer when I am actually not on Remus but he once in a while does that head up trot and snort like Aliens are after him). I love Pete’s coloring. So cute!!


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