NaBloPoMo Day 22: The Importance of Riding in My Life

Riding is my sense of self.

All day long I am a mother, a physician and surgeon, a boss and a business owner. My mind is always whirling with decisions to be made that impact the lives of people even if those people are only my family. Financial decisions, medical decisions, raising my son decisions. Always something to do, something to give, something to worry about.

When I ride though I am just me. For that hour I am Sara. Not Doctor, not Boss, not Mommy. Just plain Sara working towards goals and building skills that only impact my own life.

While I am on Gem all the outside worries float away and my focus is on breathing, sitting up straight, moving my leg back. I conquer my own fears, feel myself grow as a person and obtain skills I didn’t have before.

To be 100% honest it is my time to be selfish. I know riding is both a financial and time suck on my family which is why I try to be as frugal with both as possible. I need that time though. It is the only time I am just me fighting my own inadequacies and learning to grow.

4 thoughts on “NaBloPoMo Day 22: The Importance of Riding in My Life”

  1. i love this way of looking at it, and totally know what you mean about it being somewhat of a selfish “me” time — it’s so important to have that opportunity to step away from all of life’s other demands.


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