NaBloPoMo Day 25: My Dream Trailer

My current trailer is an Eclipse 2 horse bumper pull straight load with a ramp. It is a really nice little trailer and after some inside modifications to help with organization, it is nearly perfect for my every day needs. Since I generally trailer out to lessons or a single day show (or to trails alone in the past), I don’t need anything larger or more substantial to haul around. Anything bigger would be a bit of overkill and the hassle of driving a larger rig for just one horse outweighs my grabby hands wanting a full LQ trailer with all the bells and whistles.

Look past the handsome gelding to the trailer in the back ground. 

However, that doesn’t mean I haven’t had my eyes open for something just a tad bigger for when I do go to overnight shows, an endurance ride or hopefully for the day Wyatt gets into it and has a pony he needs to bring out and about as well. If he does, then hubby would get back into it as well which would make our two horse too small.  I’d plan on keeping my current trailer to use for when I’m going to a lesson or local show alone and having the other for when we all go out and about or for overnighting.

I know the exact trailer I want too. I’ve had my eye on it for nearly two years now and every time a used one comes up I send the link to hubby who inevitably replies “not the right time yet”. Once we get some other big purchases completed, this one will finally have a turn.

Taken from the internet

My dream trailer is a Sundown 2+1 goose neck. I love everything about this trailer. Everything.

I’m not into slant loads and it is very difficult to find a trailer to hold three horses without it being a slant however this little dream boat solves that issue. The rear is a regular two horse straight load with a ramp. That would allow me to use it alone or with only two horses like my current trailer. The glory comes in at the +1 part which is a third horse stall in front of the other two with a side ramp entrance. It is big enough to allow a full sized horse, but would also be perfect for a Wyatt sized pony to chill in the box stall style area.

In front of that is a tack room that then leads into the goose neck portion where the mattress could be placed. The tack room is large enough to act as a dressing area as well and if the box stall is empty a cot could easily be placed in there for additional sleeping space.

The way it is set up makes it only slightly larger than a regular two horse straight load which suits me well.

It is perfection and some day it will be mine.

13 thoughts on “NaBloPoMo Day 25: My Dream Trailer”

  1. My friend at the barn Kate has one of those 2 plus 1 and I love it and she hauls Remus, Star and Sterling in there easily. I wouldn’t want that big a trailer but I can see why you would. i hope your dream comes true soon 🙂 Happy Saturday!!


  2. Oooh nice! When I was trailer shopping I found one style that was maybe kinda similar … Kinda. It was a bumper pull but had that style of +1 space up front with the side ramp. And I looooooved it and was thisclose to buying it but Charlie (who I had had for like a month at that point) came in from the field with an injury that my alarmist barn mgrs immediately deemed a blown suspensory. Obvi it ended up NOT being a suspensory (or really anything significant at all) but it gave me cold feet about purchasing such an expensive trailer. Oh well. Maybe next time!


    1. King Charles would have loved it although I really like your trailer you have now. I like my bumper pull a lot but I’m very tired of sleeping in a tent at rides and it makes me not really want to do a two day show. I’m getting old I guess. Having the gooseneck where I could plop a mattress would be such a luxury.


  3. 2+1’s are so cool looking!!! I think that’s my dream trailer too 🙂 I’d love living quarters but I don’t want to deal with that big of a trailer so I think a 2+1 with some upgrades (heat and AC in the tack room!) would be perfect 🙂 But I don’t need it (yet? Ever?) so until the day arrives i’ll just keep loving my 2 horse gooseneck (which I do, it’s pretty close to perfect) and be grateful I bought an extra tall extra wide trailer bc Chimi needs him some space!


  4. For a while Eclipse was making a 2+1 bumper pull and I was SOOOOO in love. It was right when I was trailer shopping too. But for now I also have a straight load eclipse 2horse and it really is quite nice. Pulls well, very roomy for my big mare. And since I bought it used I got a good deal on a like new trailer.


    1. I didn’t know that! When we were shopping weight was a major factor which is what led us to the Eclipse. We got ours at a state fair on the last day which allowed us to get a new one for dirt cheap.


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