It Has Been A Bit Crazy

Waggy says that life on the farm is exhausting!

Phew! What a whirlwind this past week has been. Last weekend we moved into the new house and even though this is move number eight in thirteen years and I should be a pro by now I completely forgot how awful it is. Add to it that Dusty had to work Saturday morning, so we packed the truck Friday night and then my parents came and helped me unload Saturday morning. If a piece of furniture was moved, I was holding one end of it. I could barely function come Sunday.

The Dynamic Duo are settling into the new routine of coming inside to eat. It looks a bit silly having only two horse heads down such a long barn aisle.

Having moved so much I’ve come to learn to not stress at all about it. The first time I moved, way back in 2006, everything was a big deal: how the boxes were labeled, where the furniture ended up, how the kitchen was unpacked. I was a big ball of unfun. Since then though I’ve learned a few things: something important will be forgotten, something you love will get broken and no matter what your furniture will never fit the way you expected/wanted it to.

So now I just roll with it and shove boxes wherever, put the furniture however it best goes and deal with the rest. It’s much easier that way than to fight it.

There has been something else up my sleeve too which I haven’t been able to talk about until now and has added to my already full schedule of end of year work and the move.

We are going to be on House Hunters!!!!!

Unfortunately I can’t spill much beyond that. All filming is complete and it was a total blast. It required a bunch of time off work and a bit of shuffling around, but I would do it again in a heart beat. It helped that our field producer, Joe, was amazing. He kept us all in track somehow between all the laughter and screw ups. I haven’t laughed that much in a real long time.

We have no clue when it will air, but I’ll be sure to post it so everyone can laugh at me. Gem should make an appearance or two as well. For anyone local, or who wants to take a trip, we are going to have a major viewing party when it airs (we get a dvd copy) with an outside projector screen and a bonfire. All who want to come are welcome!

Gem staring me down through her new fence wondering what I’m up to.

Now that that is completed we are returning to our normal, way less fun, lives and trying to get settled into the new routine. Each house we have lived in has dictated its own flow and we are in the early stages of figuring that all out.

I have managed to ride, and jump!!, once in the new arena which was nice and as we get past the holidays hope to return to my 2-3 day a week riding schedule again.

One more big happening is about to be ticked off my to do list on Friday this week and then life will settle back down once again.

32 thoughts on “It Has Been A Bit Crazy”

  1. Oh my goodness, filming a TV show, too! LOL that is crazy and super cool! You have way more of an ability to go with the flow than I would ever have! Glad you and the horses are all moved in. 🙂


  2. DOUBLE WOW!! How neat!!! I’ll have to have my parents DVR that for me since we’re cable-less and internet-less.

    I think they look cute in their stalls, FYI. 🙂


  3. Wow! Ok. So, that pic of Waggy! So cute. Love your ponies’ heads hangin out. I can not wait to see the episode and your viewing party sounds like the best time. I will be there with y’all in spirit. Happy settling in! I think y’all will do it well.


  4. Well, since it looks so silly to only have two heads hanging out, you know what that means! You need more horses!

    And wow, I cannot believe you managed to be on a tv show, move, work etc all at the same time. I think I would have exploded. I don’t have TV of any sort in the house so I can’t watch but I’m sure it was awesome.

    How is the arena footing? Does it still feel nice?


  5. wow. They never do HH with farms. I will be sure to watch! (I despise that show after hearing how much they coach them on what to say, if you say something about granite counter tops i may never talk to u again HA HA HA). I love your barn and wish I lived closer. Such great light in there too. You horses look comfy! SO COOL I am so excited for you.



    1. I’m not sure they will do another. The field producer was not happy with it since he had to film not only the house but the out buildings and property and we kept running out of daylight.

      Don’t watch it or you may hate me 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Omggggg this just keeps on getting more exciting haha!! I can’t believe you kept this a secret from us 😉

    Congrats on getting most of the move accomplished and I hope you get to sit back and rest a little bit (perhaps with a glass of wine? Lol) between now and the holidays!


  7. Look at Waggy!!!! Ruff life for a farm dog 🙂 I bet Einstein is loving his new pond too? Can’t wait to see you guys on HH!!!! I’ll have to see if we even have HGTV? I hope your ponies are enjoying their new barn as much as you are!!!


    1. Waggy is hilarious out here. She can’t stay awake or keep upright! Einstein hasn’t been in the pond yet. He doesn’t do cold well. But he has been enjoying hunting all the little rodents in the weeds.


    1. After being a part of it I’m much easier on those involved though I still want to throw something at the TV when someone is on and is like “I’m s teddy bear seamstress and my husband sells toilet paper. Our budget is 1.2 million”


      1. What bugs me is when people are like, we want 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, a movie theater, and a brand new kitchen with stainless steel appliance and our budget is 250k. And then they GET it. Because they live in the south or some crazy cheap area.


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