The ink wasn’t even dry on our closing papers and there I was paypaling a crap ton of money to a stranger for a pony I hadn’t even met.

There wasn’t any reason I had to add the stress of purchasing and transporting a pony from out of state on top of buying a house, moving, and filming for the show. The idea had gotten into me though and it just had to happen. Right then.

Right after I posted on here my lament that there were no ponies to be found, I stumbled on a FB group called “Packer ponies and horses for sale”. Huh. Sounded pretty perfect. It opened up my search nation wide and I immediately saw that there were a lot more prospects in my budget outside of my region where the same type of ponies were being listed for double or triple the price.

Early on I stumbled upon an ad for a nice looking welsh gelding. He did it all: w/t/c, 2′ jumps and trail rides. He was listed at the top of my budget and was located in RI which turned me off of him at first. Having just expanded the search, I was hoping to find something closer and less stressful to coordinate shipping.

As time wore on though, I kept going back to his ad and comparing everything else to him. Finally I caved and contacted the owner. A long conversation ensued and next thing I knew I was sitting in the lawyers office sending over money to a stranger hoping the pony really existed.

Next up was the stress of finding transport but it turned out to be extremely easy with living so close to Aiken and all the northern transplants heading this way for winter training. I ended up with several options and chose a delivery date of 12/22 (today!!!).

The last week flew by with moving and filming and I loved the seller who kept me in the loop with regards to the health certificate, shipping conversations and how he was doing. She sent me the bill of sale, a copy of his Coggins and the health certificate.

And then this morning I saw the truck pull up and my new love unloaded.

His stats: 9 year old 12h welsh pony. Broke to ride w/t/c, jumps to 2′, auto lead changes (um…yeah he is better trained than Gem). Not registered, but I don’t care. He is a gelding. Super easy going nature, been on trails and around kids. Perfection.

Without further ado here is the first of many photo spams of Nash. Wyatt hasn’t met him yet so be prepared for that post coming up 🙂 Doing this on the app is driving me crazy but I don’t have internet at home yet. Sorry for any inevitable funkiness in this post.

His little head poking out the trailer window already stole my heart.

The hauler said he loaded well and travelled like a complete gentleman. His partner in the trailer was an equally adorable black pony traveling from RI to GA

He seemed happy to be out of the snow and in grass again. He was quiet and got busy being mosey immediately

His tiny little ears stole my heart!

I love the look on his face. Gem is all “Oh! What new friend did you bring me?” Nash is like “Dear God what is that thing?!”

We sectioned off a smaller paddock in front of the arena to let him stretch his legs and have a small quarantine period.

I let him off the lead rope and spent time walking away, going back and catching him again, letting him off, jumping around, making loud noises. He could have cared less about any of it.

Since he came from snow and hasn’t had green grass in months, I let him out for about half an hour and then tucked him away in a stall with a big pile of hay. He was drinking great, peed clear and by the time I had to leave to make it to the OR (to sit here and wait while my case got bumped) he was settling in for a nice nap. Wyatt will get to meet him tonight after work and then we will likely have some monitored meeting time with the Dynamic Duo tomorrow and Sunday.

I can’t wait to see Wyatt’s reaction when he meets his new pony. And now all my December craziness is complete. Life should return to normal soon.

37 thoughts on “Nashville”

  1. So cute! And sooooooo fuzzy! Yay for Wyatt’s first pony! Are you going to hop on and give him a whirl to try out the buttons? He looks sturdy enough for anyone to hop on for a bit.


  2. first of all my friend you do nothing HALF ASS I think you need January to recoop and rest LOL AND SECOND OMG he is adorable and big enough you can hop on him so much fun. Yes he looks like he is an easy keeper so be ready for muzzle life 🙂 Or dirt paddock life in Summer HA~ ask me how I know). I LOVE HIM. Any other secrets?? LOLLOL


    1. It’s a disease I swear!! I’m excited to get a pony bridle on him and try his button out. He apparently does lead changes which is something I doubt I’ll ever be able to install on Gem. Nothing is left up my sleeve now!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Omgosh that devilishly sweet pony side eye!!! Ah he and Wyatt are gonna be a force!!! He sounds perfect, I can’t wait to get to know him better! Also so freakin excited for you that so many loose ends have somehow come perfectly tied recently!!!!


  4. Goodness! He’s a cutie. And lead changes? Where was something like that when I was a kid? The only lead changes my pony did was changing who was doing the leading … sometimes she even let me go first!

    What a nice lil fellow he is.


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