2018 Volunteer Challenge

2018 Volunteer Challenge Participants

Thank you to everyone who signed up! I was a bit nervous posting it. I would have felt like a big loser with no friends had nobody signed up 🙂 Hopefully this becomes the motivation people need to get out and donate their time back to the sport they love.

Below is a list of everyone I have that signed up. If you signed up but are missing from the list, please let me know and I’ll add you. There are 12 on the list which will make it a fun contest for the year!!

Grain Before Groceries

The $900 Facebook Pony

‘Fraidy Cat Eventing

Riding to B

Trails to Lead Old Cowboys Home

In Omnia Paratus

3 Day Adventures with Horses

Poor Woman Showing

Quantum Chrome

DIY Horse Ownership

Betsy Wood – I know you don’t have a blog, so I’m just placing your name here.

Three Chestnuts

A page has been created as well where I will post points as they come in and act as a way for you guys to double check me and make sure I don’t miss anything.

I’ll post reminders as we go to help you guys send in your activity for the drawings. Remember, prizes are given monthly and quarterly! You can submit on any blog post, by emailing me at agemofahorse at gmail dot com or by commenting on the page itself. Lots of chances to submit and win!

If anyone has volunteer hours to submit for January, get on it and be eligible for the first random drawing to take place on 2/1/18!

Get out there and volunteer!

21 thoughts on “2018 Volunteer Challenge Participants”

  1. i’m honestly really excited about this – thanks for organizing it! it’s exactly the motivation i need to keep it in mind. considering my local association has volunteer requirements for year end awards: everything counts but they also require hours specifically for their own events too and i didn’t get those last year (bc i was riding in those events….). so i had to donate a bunch of items to their auction in order to be eligible for year end awards. not this year tho! my only sadness is that i can’t kick it off right away in january. the only event around here that i know of for the month, i expect to be riding in. maybe february or march tho!!!! 😀


  2. I logged 8 hours at the Pine Hill show on 1/14! Do you need anything to confirm these? The venue keeps a rolling log on their website with everyone’s name and hours, so I can give you that if you need it.


    1. Nope…I’m going to trust people until someone gives me a reason not to. Can you just give me what position you worked? I like data and I think it will be interesting to see what positions people flocked to throughout the year.


  3. Yay! I volunteered 2 hours at our local dressage show on 1/13. I helped set up and tear down the arena as well as scribe.
    Not sure you need to know what I actually did, but I figure it shows some of the options, lol


    1. Awesome! I’d like to know what you did for data collection. It will be interesting to see what positions people gravitate towards. I’ll update you and you are entered in the random drawing for Jan 🙂


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