2018 Volunteer Challenge

July Volunteer Challenge Winner

Sorry for the delay. Wednesday’s I work at the hospital instead of my private office and I can’t do things like blog or buy horse items. Go figure that they frown upon that. And then yesterday…I don’t know. I’ve been in a funk in general in life lately. But today I got down to it, did some shopping around to come up with something worthy of winning and plugged the names into the random name picker thing.

This month saw four people getting out there and getting it done putting in a total of 14:35 hours during one of the hottest months of the year:

Sarah O

Congrats to all of you for finding the time to help out. I hope you all had great volunteering experiences. July was a random drawing for a prize worth around $20 and the winner this month is:

Screen grab from the online name picker thingy

Sarah O, please send me your address at agemofahorse at gmail dot com and I will get it ordered and potentially shipped directly to you.

What did you win?

A summer pack to get you through the dog days and into to the fall including a grooming bath mitt, a sweat scraper and fly wipes.

Hopefully a nice bath and getting rid of pesky flies will make the rest of summer more enjoyable

Thanks for participating! August has already begun, get out there and volunteer!

2018 Volunteer Challenge

Volunteer Challenge – July Drawing

July is coming to a close next week which means another $20 prize up for grabs in a random drawing for anyone who donated any hours in July.

I have family coming in to town Friday- Tuesday, so I won’t be publishing posts during that time, so this is your call to get those hours in by 11:59 pm Tuesday July 31st.

So far I have the following:

Emma – 15 hours
Nadia – 6 hours
Betsy – 4 hours

Don’t worry, everyone has an equal chance no matter how many hours you donated, so if there is an event this weekend near you go out and get some time spent on the ground lending a hand where needed.

2018 Volunteer Challenge

Quarter 2 Winner!

Wow!! The second quarter showed a big jump in not only total hours volunteered, but in the number of individual participants which isn’t too surprising since a lot of the country isn’t thawed out yet by the end of the first quarter. I’m very happy to see the numbers go up though!!!

Just some quick business stuff to attend to. While anything to do with horse showing is greatly appreciated by all who are involved, for this competition I am only counting those hours spent during a show helping to run that show. This means things like scoring, running, driving the golf cart, jump crew, scribe etc… For the scope of this competition duties performed outside of the show itself, such as prize lists and board meetings, are not counted. It doesn’t mean those are not appreciated, but that isn’t the focus of this competition. Keep giving back though!!!

Also please when you give me your hours list the job you performed and the venue. I’m trying to collect data and it is really hard when all I get is “2 hours!”. Thanks!!

Tiniest baby catfish 

Quarter 2 saw a total of 123.5 hours donated by 11 people!!! Congrats to all of you for ditching the saddle time and getting out there helping!!!

Here is the breakdown of those who participated this quarter:

Emma: 34 hours
Bette: 23 hours
Sarah O: 18 hours
Amy: 16 hours
Emily: 9 hours
Nadia: 6.5 hours
KC, Olivia and David: 4 hours each
Carly: 3 hours
Amanda: 2 hours

That means that EMMA is the second quarter winner with 34 total hours spent on the ground at shows. Congrats Emma!!!

So I must admit selecting prizes for you was a bit tricky. You already won a candle and the Road ID, so I needed to find something that you didn’t already have but was worthwhile and around $50. It took a while, which is why this post is delayed, but I finally came up with something that I hope you will like.

But you’ll have to wait until it shows up at your door!! I have a bit of work to do in ordering it yet so be patient with me. I hope the wait will be worth it.

A certain someone got all tacked up last night for the first time in weeks. I sure did miss riding the big orange guy.

For everyone else, don’t stop now. We are only halfway through the year and a lot of places are slowing down for the summer. July will be another random drawing, so anyone who volunteers for at least 1 hour this month will be entered to win a $20 gift. The hours keep totaling up for the year end awards, so even if you haven’t been able to get out yet you still have plenty of time to rack up hours and win. In case you have forgotten the grand prize is an embroidered cooler with a reserve champion getting a leather halter. So…get your butt in gear and get out there!!!!

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Quarter 2 Volunteer challenge Call For Hours

Look another quarter has flown by which also marks the halfway point of the year. I’ve been having a lot of fun running this little year long challenge and I hope everyone who has participated has been enjoying themselves as well. I know all the events you have given your weekends too have appreciated it immensely.

The end of the second quarter marks another $50 prize package to the person who put in the most hours during that quarter. There is still one weekend left (well, technically only Saturday) to get out there and put in the time to win.

So far in June I have:

Emma: 12.5 hours
Emily : 9 hours

If you volunteered during June and haven’t gotten your hours to me yet, please do by midnight on the 30th.

For the entire quarter:

Emma: 34 hours
Bette: 23 hours
Amy: 16 hours
Emily: 9 hours
KC: 4 hours
Olivia: 4 hours
Olivia’s Husband: 4 hours

I really want to thank all seven of you for getting out there this quarter. Even if you haven’t been able to get out yet, don’t worry! There are still six months to go with four more random drawings, one more quarter prize and then the year end prizes. Plenty of time to get hours in and win!



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May Volunteer Challenge Winner

Sorry for the delay. Friday was extremely busy at work and I ran out of time. But never fear the results are in!

May was the busiest month with 5 entrants!! Yay!!! Emma had texted me bowing out of the drawing having won two previous times which left Bette, Amy, Olivia and her Hubby in the random drawing.

may names

The winner is:

may winner.PNG

This month is really starting to heat up so I focused my search on ways to keep cool in the summer. Bette you get two items this month totaling around $20. Please email me your address at agemofahorse at gmail dot com so I can order and get them shipped directly to you.

This pad is a life saver during the summer. You soak it, wring it out and it stays ice cold all day long. Keep it in your cooler during a lesson or a show and wrap it around your neck between rides to stave off heat stroke. 
And for Chimi (and the rest of the gang) is a Himalayan salt block. Our three are devouring their salt block already this summer as the heat has arrived. 

For everyone else, thanks for giving your time back to the sport of your choice! These events, in any discipline, can’t happen without people giving their time.

June is the end of the second quarter. The prize is based on the person with the highest number of hours for that quarter and is valued at $50. The standings for the quarter looks like this to date:

Bette – 23
Emma – 21.5
Amy – 16
KC – 4
Olivia – 4
Her Husband – 4

There are five weekends in June with plenty of opportunity to get out there. The race is pretty close this quarter, so get out there and get your hours logged!

2018 Volunteer Challenge

May Volunteer Hours

It’s that time of the month again! No, not that time. It’s time to pick a winner and give out a prize!

I have Emma (13 hours), Amy (8 hours) and Bette (13 hours) down for getting hours this month. Anyone else????

Remember the monthly drawing is purely random so even one hour gets you in!

I’ll pick the winner on Friday, so get your hours in to be by midnight.

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April Volunteer Challenge Winner

This month saw the most diversity in volunteering with a total of 30.5 hours given back and four participants getting out there!! Emma, Amy, Bette and KC you are all awesome!

Thank you for everyone who has participated thus far and for the rest of you – GET OUT THERE!!!

April is a random drawing month with everyone who submitted any amount of hours getting an equal chance at winning the prize of roughly $20 value. I put all four names in the online random name draw thing and the winner is:



Congrats on the win! I already have your info from your February win and this month I decided to go a little different route.

Your prize for getting out there and getting it done is a $20 gift card to Road ID. If you aren’t familiar, these are custom wrist bands that contain your medical information and emergency contact information. I have one and love it. I rarely ride away from home without it on and I know all the shows around me allow it in place of the arm band. While I generally do not like gift cards, I do not know what information you would want on it or what style you would prefer. The card should cover the basic band and plaque and I am pretty sure there are coupon codes out there (the sponsor The Bad Eventer if you follow her and I think Amanda had a post about a code as well at one point). I’ll forward the e gift card your way!

May starts today, so everyone else, step up and get your volunteering in. This month should mark full blown competition in all regions for pretty much all disciplines. No excuses!!! Give back to the sports you love.