Get Your Hours In!

Ack…tomorrow is the last day of the month. My brain is going in so many directions right now that I am losing track of the time.

If anyone has volunteer hours they haven’t submitted yet, the deadline is Saturday night at 11:59 pm.

I’ll announce the winner on Monday!

Please double check me here because my brain is fried and I don’t even know my name at this point.

I have:

$900 Facebook Pony with 17 hours, none reported to date in March

Fraidy Cat Eventing  – 6 hours, none reported to date in March

Riding to B – 3 hours in March

3 Day Adventures with Horses – 3 hours, none reported to date in March.

Have I missed any?

5 thoughts on “Get Your Hours In!”

  1. They cancelled my volunteer position at Carolina International because the vets were bringing their own assistants in 😦

    Will be volunteering at the Fork though, so at least I’ll have some hours next quarter!


  2. Thanks for checking in about my volunteering this month – it was about five hours scribing at a dressage show for a grand total of 11 volunteer hours so far this year.


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