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The Month Got Away From Me: Get Your April Hours In

Ah!!! How is it already April 30th?!! I have 9 days until my boards and then my regular life can resume. Some of you have already submitted hours via other posts this month, (Emma, Bette and Amy), but if you have been out there donating your time and haven’t please respond here and I will get everything updated tonight. The challenge page is not update accurately, but my spreadsheet is so once the April clock closes I will get that corrected.

The winner for April is drawn at random and will get a prize valued roughly $20. I’ll draw it tomorrow morning and post the winner.

Get those hours in and get out there in May and volunteer!!

6 thoughts on “The Month Got Away From Me: Get Your April Hours In”

  1. Thanks I think I did 8.5 this month total, tho I think I also left a more up to date comment when my mind was fresher sometime last week…


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