Thoughts About Eeyore

He has been home with me for three weeks now and between the riding and nursing his feet, I’ve logged quite a bit of time with the big guy. There is still a lot to figure out with him, but there are some things about him I’ve come to know.

  • He isn’t a dumb horse. His gears don’t turn as fast as Gem’s do, but he isn’t dumb either. In fact, he picks up on things quite quickly yet he can still handle repetition without losing his marbles. When he first got home he was an idiot in the cross ties and would try to weave, eat the ties, back up and so on. After a few days of being tied and left while I picked stalls and generally ignored him he now stands like a statue. This was repeated with mounting. The first ride he would not stand still. The second he fidgeted but let me get on. By the fourth ride he stood next to the mounting block politely and didn’t move until I asked.

  • He is a pain with his head. Bridling him is a chore. He lowers it and takes the bit just fine but actually doing all the buckles and straps is a fight as he moves his head, tries to scratch on everything, mouths you and is generally very annoying. It’s the same with his fly mask too. I’m not sure how to make this stop.

  • He cribs only when a person is around. He will stand quietly in his stall as long as he doesn’t realize you are anywhere near him. I’ve hidden in the tack room and watched as he props a hoof and goes to sleep in his stall. Once he realzies a person is around and not paying attention to him he begins cribbing or chewing or flinging stuff around. Anything for attention and to Eeyore negative attention is better than no attention.
  • He poops. A lot. In nearly 9 years of riding, Gem never once pooped in the arena. Eeyore does it every single ride. It is a little pet peeve of mine.
  • He also sweats a lot. He comes in from the pasture soaked in the evening and in the morning has a layer of salty crust. When I ride he almost immediately breaks out full body. I’m still figuring out how to know when he needs to be done. His saddle pad is always soaked through even after a 15 minute walking warm up and I think I’m going to have to buy extras to ensure a dry pad. Gem rarely sweats. Actually there was a time I worried she had anhydrosis but nope. She’s a hearty little desert Arab with astounding metabolics. This is new territory for me.

After three weeks with the big guy I’ve also decided that he needs a new name. He is way too happy and has way too much energy to be an Eeyore. I’m not sure what to change it to and I’m not in a hurry to do so, but I’m not really liking the Eeyore for him. His registered name is “Made For Fame” which is gag inducing, so no help there. I’d like to represent his true personality which is laid back yet inquisitive and friendly. He has yet to spook at anything: dogs, kiddo, toys left in the arena, tractor, birds. So I think he is brave as well though his bravery stems mostly from his generally curious nature and love of all the things. He does have a bit of a stubborn streak and prefers to put forth the least amount of effort possible but won’t put up a fight for too long as fighting is more work than behaving. Anyway…I’d like to capture that in his name as Eeyore makes him sound gloomy.

28 thoughts on “Thoughts About Eeyore”

  1. I’m no help with names because even when the name doesn’t fit, I seem to keep it or some variation of it. There’s a reason my bright red horse is still named Batt, after all, he was Batman for so many years… This is why you don’t let you children name lesson horses folks… Ugh. But, I love that he cares about nothing! It’s awesome. I found something Batt spooks at–carriages. But, I figure if I can trim tree branches on him and he doesn’t spook at carnivals or ferris wheels, I’ll take a minor (he tries to impersonate a 17H horse and poops) spook at large carriages.


  2. I’m so glad you’re enjoying him, he’s such a sweet guy! I’m no help with names, though, as not only did I keep P’s name of “Pilgrim,” I also kept his awful JC name as his show name (Forever Gallant).

    P’s the same way bridling. He always tries to grab onto the noseband straps instead of the bit, and then flings his head around while you’re doing up the straps. So annoying.


  3. aww i just love him – love that he has such a cool and personable personality!! and am 100% behind the idea of changing his name lol. Eeyore is cute and all (let’s be real, that name would fit my horse too!) but i think you’re right – your guy is something more. i’m the absolute freakin worst at naming things tho and almost always always just stick with what they come with… so no help here. i’m sure you’ll find something you like tho!


  4. My last horse was the same way with sweating–I swear he sighed and would break out into a sweat. It never seemed to bother him/overheat him in any way. It just made my tack really clean all the time because I had to wipe it down after every single ride!


  5. He sounds SO much like Stanley. What a solid, dependable guy. And that’s nuts about Gem never pooping in the arena. My horses poop all the time when we ride no matter where we are lol.

    Naming is SO fun. I’m sure the right one will come to you in no time, and when it does it’ll definitely be a “BOOM. YES. THIS.” feeling. If he were a mare, Fidget would be cute since he has to fuss with everything around (seems like a more female name to me). You could keep with the Pooh Bear theme and just call him Tigger – definitely a personality more in line with that character haha. I find myself racking my head for favorite characters from books/movies/shows who were gregarious and stubborn…have any favorite characters over the years with a personality that fits this bill to borrow a name from?


    1. Gem never once pooped in any arena. Now all I see are huge piles I need to pick up!

      Fidget would fit him perfect but I agree it is pretty feminine. Tigger would work tho! He is orange and friendly and a lot ADD. Hmmm….


  6. A few horses that were annoying with bridling I’d be annoying back. Like poking them in the mouth and sticking fingers up their nose and squishing their lips – things I’d hate done to me if I were a horse. It worked on some once they realized their quest for attention got some unpleasant poking and itd go away when they stopped but it didn’t work on them all lol. As for names I’m more of a study the horse and decide type. I’m gonna be no help either since unless I know the horse I don’t like to suggest names lol. But you could stick with Pooh themes and call him Tigger or something lol. Yeah I’m no help LOL


  7. I bet he would respond really well to clicker training- that might help him to not crip and to keep his head still. I suspect that he just doesn’t know what you want. And yes, please change his name from Eeyore. He seems to be more of a surfer dude personality. You could call him ‘Jimmy’ (Jimmy Buffet).

    Also, Irish came to me with the name ‘Romeo’. His registered name is ‘So Romantic’. So Eeyore’s seems fine to me!


  8. I like Tigger too! Cause TIGGERS BOUNCE! 🙂 he will get better with his head. Honestly. And i have a friend whose horse is a busy bee around his head. Not mean not shy but just BUSY as in grabbing the leather, or the glove or the sleeve etc. LOL he has gotten better over time 🙂 HA HA HA


  9. I like names with either alcohol or music related names. I wanted my mare’s show name to be Talk Dirty To Me, after the song because Id crack up everytime I heard it announced. Maybe like a Mick Jagger? Or you have a Wyatt, maybe a cowboy type name? Doc Holiday? Or Native American? My favorite rent string names were tribe names.


  10. Oh man, I have so many name ideas, but it’s such a personal thing. I once considered buying a horse named Diva (a name I HATED) but was so excited because I was going to have her show name be Day Drinking Diva. Then I realized you shouldn’t buy a horse just because you have a good show name for them… All my horses now have U2 themed show names which is more boring but whatever…


  11. Stalking him on the all breed pedigree I found several Tonto’s in his background, which eh maybe, but that made me think of Scout. Others that vaguely play off his lines: Jango, Iggy (honestly not sure if I love or hate that one lol), Trib/Treb, and Finn. This is entirely subjective, but I feel like any of those (and Tigger as others have suggested!) sound good with Pete and Gem so that could be another test 🙂


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