Tack Shop Trivia

Our local tack shop hosts a trivia night every few months. It is $5 to enter, includes pizza and the winner splits the pot 50/50. Trainer invited me to the first one last fall and I was a bit nervous. These are some pretty serious questions ranging from tack to anatomy to basic health care to discipline rules and breeds.

We paired up together and it worked out really well. There are four groups of 10 questions and a bonus at the end and it was quickly evident that what I didn’t know she did and what she didn’t know I did.

This kid sure knows how to enjoy the summer. 

Questions like when does a horse get a smooth mouth (age 11) or what is the extra length of reins called in English riding (blight) are definitely in her wheel house. I tend to get the conditioning (best gait for muscle and wind building: trot) medical and basic biology/anatomy questions right (part of the lung responsible for gas exchange: alveoli). Sometimes neither of us know (lowest height acceptable for a barn: 8′. We thought it would be higher) and sometimes we both know.

We won the first time we went and decided to partner again.

We won the second time.

We then won the third time as well.

Last week was another trivia night and the game was changed a bit from solidly asking English discipline questions to including all of them. It was entertaining and enlightening. The questions were much harder and the competition stiffer with more teams than ever before.

Eeyore is involved in all the things. Like this weekend when I went to dump, clean and refill the water tub. Farm chores take a bit longer with the “help” of the Big Guy. 

We missed some questions such as what discipline uses scissors, flank and flag maneuvers (vaulting) and what is a cowboy speeding ticket (breaking the barrier prematurely in western disciplines) but ended up getting the bonus and ending with a score of 32.5/40.

The best part though? They included a ton of ride and tie and endurance questions! And I got them all right!!!

Things asked included:

When did Mr. Tevis ride in the Tevis Cup (never)

Who was Wendell Robbie (founder of Tevis)

How many people enter Tevis (250, the bonus and I was the only one to get it!!)

What sport allows you to tie to a person (ride and tie)

Which sport has the motto to finish is to win (endurance)

Name three disciplines that use two people and one horse (ride and tie, combined driving and vaulting)

I was so excited to see my beloved sports get a nod!!

The pond is a wonderful hideout from the summer heat. We have two Great Horned owls that live in the woods bordering the pond and have numerous bats and swifts that help keep the bug population down. Dusty has seen an osprey come visit twice as well. 

We ended up winning again and I got to go home from a tack store with more money in my pocket than I entered with. It’s a pretty good thing and a super fun night out with friends.

Plus Hubby can’t complain when I come home with more money. I keep wondering when they will stop letting us partner up but until that time I plan to continue going and enjoying a night out with friends. Honestly if they split us Trainer would smoke me so I really hope they never do!

15 thoughts on “Tack Shop Trivia”

  1. oh man that sounds like so much fun!!! i’m usually pretty freakin terrible at normal trivia bc i don’t know any pop culture stuff, and also bc i’m just convincing enough for my teammates to assume my answer guess is correct but… yea, nope it’s usually not haha. horse trivia tho? i could maybe do that! 😉


    1. It’s a ton of fun and I always learn a lot. Not having tv and only watching kid appropriate movies makes me the worst pop culture trivia partner ever. Horse stuff I can do though!


  2. That sounds so fun! I feel like bloggers would do really well with it because there are such a variety of things shared with everyone.


  3. I kseeing those advertised and want to come to one!!! Though unless I can be on yours and Trainer J’s team I know I’d lose!!!! 😂😂😂😂


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