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Quarter 2 Volunteer challenge Call For Hours

Look another quarter has flown by which also marks the halfway point of the year. I’ve been having a lot of fun running this little year long challenge and I hope everyone who has participated has been enjoying themselves as well. I know all the events you have given your weekends too have appreciated it immensely.

The end of the second quarter marks another $50 prize package to the person who put in the most hours during that quarter. There is still one weekend left (well, technically only Saturday) to get out there and put in the time to win.

So far in June I have:

Emma: 12.5 hours
Emily : 9 hours

If you volunteered during June and haven’t gotten your hours to me yet, please do by midnight on the 30th.

For the entire quarter:

Emma: 34 hours
Bette: 23 hours
Amy: 16 hours
Emily: 9 hours
KC: 4 hours
Olivia: 4 hours
Olivia’s Husband: 4 hours

I really want to thank all seven of you for getting out there this quarter. Even if you haven’t been able to get out yet, don’t worry! There are still six months to go with four more random drawings, one more quarter prize and then the year end prizes. Plenty of time to get hours in and win!



12 thoughts on “Quarter 2 Volunteer challenge Call For Hours”

  1. you’ve got all mine for june already! no more until july, but i’m reeeeeally excited about the july event i signed up for next week: jump scribing at a YEH event!!! i’m hoping it’ll be really interesting and informative (and not too too hot lol)


  2. So glad you posted this as I was like “must give June volunteer hours!!’
    Anyway, I volunteered 3 hours June 23rd (course set up for derby) and 3.5 hours June 24th (scorer for derby)
    I’m planning on volunteering all day July 1st- happy to finally be getting some hours in again!!


  3. I’m pretty much out until the fall 😦 Damn job getting in the way of fun! Well that and I don’t know if there are many shows nearby looking for volunteers? But I feel like I’m basically volunteering at work bc they don’t pay me enough for what I do!!!! 😂


  4. Hey! I am late to the party but here is what I did for volunteer hours in Q2:

    April 28 – 6 hours volunteering at dressage association booth and participating in AGM at horse expo
    May 4-16 – 12 hours (at least) going through show entries, scheduling ride times, etc. for May show
    May 17-18 – 12 hours of picking up and setting up dressage arena, crisis management, other show prep
    May 19 – 8 hours being show manager/scorer
    May 20 – 8 hours being show manager/scorer
    May 21 – 3 hours returning dressage arena
    May 23 – 2 hours delivering ribbons that arrived late to winners
    June 16 – 2 hours running tests and jump setup/take down for area group dressage show (jumps were for prix caprilli class)

    Total Q2 = 53 hours
    Total June = 2 hours


    1. Also I know Q1 is done and gone but if it still counts as part of my year average here are my Q1 hours:

      Jan 27 – 7 hours at area group AGM and planning for year
      March 1-10 – 6 hours revising prizelist for May show and submitting sanctioning information
      March 10 – 2 hours helping area group with prizelist for other area show

      Total Q1 = 15 hours

      This is a big year for volunteering for me as I am on the exec of my area dressage group, show secretary & manager for a local dressage show, VP of the provincial dressage association, and on the board of directors for a community equestrian facility. I could probably also count lots of hours reading and responding to emails etc. but that’s hard to track so I will keep it to concrete volunteer commitments and face-to-face meetings.


      1. Wow! I’ll have to go through these when I’m not at work and have time to get everything updated. I’ll get it done before close of the month!! Thanks for participating!!

        At the beginning of the year someone else had asked what all counted and for this inaugural year of the competition I had decided that only time spent during a show would count. I haven’t read through both your lists to see if this pertains to you or not, but working jobs physically during a competition is what is added up. Any time spent outside of the actual competition is amazing and very appreciated but outside the scope of this challenge so I’ll go through it all and get it added up


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