Returning to Goals

Boards, horse shopping and then Sir Gimpy all combined to put goal writing on the back burner for the last quarter.

Need to make more time for fun with my loves

Unfortunately life has also lost balance for me and when that happens I tend to go into survival mode, put my head down, and just get through it except…well this time there isn’t really an “it” to get through. Its just life stuff that has no end in sight. Work, being a mom, working around the farm…its called living and being an adult yet somehow the last few months have been unnecessarily stressful and really no fun whatsoever.

Having goals for not only my riding, but my life in general has really helped in the past to bring my life back into a better balance. I don’t hate my life. The busy, sometimes hectic life of running a business, being a surgeon, raising the kiddo and living on my dream farm while still trying to sneak in riding is doable as long as I don’t let any one of those things over shadow the others for too long of a time. Letting goals slip by, or just plain not having any, allows the lines to get fuzzy and I end up feeling overwhelmed and not satisfied. So…long story short…it is high time to get some goals written down for the third quarter.

~ Gem and Pete: Keep them healthy, happy and feeling good. Both are now officially retired (I need to do a retirement post for Gem) and their only job in life is to eat the grass so I don’t have to mow as much.

Still looking amazing at 20 years old

~Cruze: Ugh, my big orange man needs some work.
Stay the course with his hooves. I find myself a little itchy to throw some glue on shoes on and get to really ride, but I know in the long run that isn’t what is best for him.
– Ride 3 days a week. Consistency is the key to all things, so I need to work hard at getting him out. I rode in the big pasture this past weekend and it went pretty ok. I’d like to continue working him on the soft, plush grass for most of the rides but still use the arena for more concentrated work. Maybe a 2 out:1 arena ratio.
– Buy him a new bit and girth. Gem always hated the girth I used with her jump saddle and it appears that Cruze does too. He takes a 48″ and I personally hate fleece so I need to do a little experimenting. As for bits, he needs a 5 1/4″ bit as the 5″ he is going in seems a tad small. I have zero clue what to put him in, but thankfully Trainer has a ton of options I can try out.
– Buy him some stall toys. His wood chewing is driving me crazy. He used to play with his water bucket, but I got tired of the sloshing mess, so he lost water bucket privileges. You;d think being outside all but 30 minutes a day would stave off any excess energy or boredom, but nope. I think hanging some stall toys up might save my wood door and his teeth.
-Work on his herd bound issues. This one caught me a bit off guard. Gem is so above everyone else that she could care less where any other horse is at any time. Cruze though screams and screams for his friends who never answer his call. He is a ton better in the arena generally only letting out a very quiet squeal at the beginning. When I took him out in the pasture he was a hot mess for the first 10 minutes. This was the case when we went xc schooling as well and I think it will just take time and a lot of miles getting out there to rid him of it.
– Go to a hunter pace.  The pace season begins at the end of August and it is my most favorite thing ever. Since we aren’t jumping at the moment, I’d like to set my sights on the paces for the fall and winter instead. As long as he is reasonably sound and comfortable by then, that is.

He enjoyed being out once he realized he wasn’t going to die. One thing Gemmie taught me was that relationships take a long time to build up and I am being patient as Cruze learns he can look to me for support when he gets nervous. 

There is so much to do, but my head has slowly come around to the fact that farm work is never finished and I need to give myself a little break here. We have lived here for 6 months now and I absolutely adore it. It was pretty run down when we got it, so there is a lot of stuff to do.

~ Finish the wash rack. This is nearly completed and would have been had Dusty not broken his hand in early May which killed off all of May and June for heavy farm work. The siding needs put back on, fittings for the hose added and then cross ties and it should be fully functional.
~Move the tack room.  Right now I am using the original tack room which is large, centrally located and without a door or ceiling which means everything is coated in a rather thick layer of dirt. Ugh. I hates it. The office is towards the front of the barn where my cross ties are currently located and has not only a lovely door, but also a ceiling. It is filthy and full of old junk the last owners left behind but lacks holes in the floor so that is a win. I want to move my current tack room to the office which should take a solid weekend of cleaning and moving things but will be better in the end.
~Get an estimate for tree removal. That big magnolia tree has to go along with four beautiful crepe myrtle trees that are right on top of the darn house. Not sure we have the money to actually get rid of them this quarter, but I’d like to at least get someone out so I know what I am budgeting for.

This does not suck

This is a big time for the family. Wyatt starts KINDERGARTEN. How on earth did that happen?! How do I have an almost 6 year old???

~ Make one last day trip. Summer has flown by as it always does which isn’t helped by the fact that school starts in August down here. We made it to the beach in June and I had hoped to do a day trip once a month, but with family visiting the end of this month it doesn’t seem likely to happen in July. That leaves one weekend open in August and it will either be back to the beach or up to TN to Dollywood.
~Navigate my way through starting school. I have zero idea what all sending him to school entails. I registered him and signed him up for the after school program (yay to saving over $100 a week in day care costs!!) but beyond that I a clueless.
~Continue to cook.  I was doing so well at cooking an actual real dinner most nights before summer started and I got hot. I don’t like cooking in the summer and my appetite takes a nose dive anyway. It is expensive to eat out and eating chicken nuggets for dinner isn’t very healthy, so I need to get back on track with the cooking thing.

This kid owns my heart

Last on the list, but I have learned that if I don’t pay any attention to myself nobody else will and then everything suffers for it.

~Ride 3 days a week. Sanity is key to not losing my crap on everyone.
~Lesson 2 times a month.  Lessons are my life blood. I’d lesson three times a week if I could afford it, but I can’t. Twice a month is a good balance for time and money and I still feel like I learn and improve each time.
~ No sugar.  I gave up sugar (not in an insane “I now make m own sugar free kethcup sort of way”) back in February and that lasted through my vacation in early May when I threw it out the window and then never returned to it. During those months I felt great. No highs and lows in my energy levels, no cravings and as a side I lost 5 pounds. I need to return to this.
~ Give myself a break  I’m type A. Not hard to believe having gone through medical school, surgical residency and starting my own practice. Its a good thing and has helped me through life, but it is also overwhelming and I find myself being very harsh on myself when everything doesn’t get done all the time. I’m doing the best I can and I need to learn how to let things go as “good enough” for the moment.

More smiles, less stress

Lots of good things to work on this quarter and hopefully by writing them down I can find some focus, better balance and go back to enjoying this one time ride we call life.

22 thoughts on “Returning to Goals”

  1. Lots of great goals here. I totally feel ya on using goals as sorta milestones to help keep the crazy chaos from taking over my life lol – it’s hard sometimes! Hopefully tho things settle into a manageable routine that works for you your family and your ponies!!

    Unrelated I logged 4:45 volunteering as a scribe this past weekend. Thanks!


  2. I think i have at least one 48 girth if not two. I can look and let you know what i have. If you want them all you have to do is pay shipping i want no money for them.They are just in my way. Let me know (email me). ALSO EMAIL ME re Dollywood if you go. I will try to get up there and say hi and meet you in person 🙂

    Great goals!!


    1. Oooh!! I’ll email you for sure. Something about my winter antichafe girth pisses all my horses off. I think it’s because it has no elastic.

      We went to Dollywood last year and loved it. Really hoping to go again next month. I will let you know if it works out!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I agree whole-heartedly with goals helping to keep balance. That’s what mine help with more than anything, too, especially because of my Type A nature! Adulting responsibilities always threaten to take over it seems. Ugh.

    I hear you on not cooking in the summer! So hard to do when it warms up – and our heat is half of what yours is so I can only imagine! I end up doing tons of really hearty – and sometimes really adventurous – salads and bowl meals in the summer that are quick prep and minimal heat. I always end up eating so much healthier in the summer as a result! Grain + veggies + protein + seasoning = perfection! Lately this looks like a lot of sauteed or microwave-nuked veggies on cous cous (fasted grain everrrr lol) + protein and whatever sauce I deign to mix up.


  4. I hear you with the slogging through. That’s what I usually do too. Just “get through it” even though the “it” is really never-ending lol. Sounds like these goals are a good place to step forward and aim and hit each one!

    Seriously though that last picture is just ❤ ❤ ❤


  5. Really great goals! My mom used to always do big salads in the summer since it was terribly hot where we lived (and no AC to boot). Maybe there are some great hot weather/cool food recipes on pinterest to try? 🙂


  6. I totally relate to not giving myself a break – I’ve gotten a good deal better at it in the past year by sheer force/necessity, but I still tend that way. My mom/sister and I tend towards trying to fancy up cold meat sandwiches and salads in the summer, but we’ve been running out of steam lately too haha!


  7. Things sound on track! I have zero motivation for cooking too. Thankfully my husband is willing to grill (and make salads and rice) or we just wouldn’t eat because he doesn’t cook… plus my migraines have been a mess lately.

    Hopefully some toys help Cruze. Horses! They drive us crazy don’t they?!


  8. Your self-awareness and ability to analyze is amazing. Staying on track is hard and it can be really easy to fall into the treadmill. I was having this discussion with my husband about this last week because he’s been run off his feet and hasn’t had time for fun. I told him that that was I ride first. I know I’ll get the chores done but if I leave the fun to last I am too tired to do it. It’s contrary to the way he was raised so who knows if he will take my advice? I believe that it’s never settled anyway- you always have to adjust.

    Also, question-has your house hunters episode aired yet? I keep trying to watch it but not sure if I missed it!


  9. Goals are always key! Glad you’re getting back into lessons- it’s so easy to get caught up with everything and everyone else that you forget about you.

    We’ll totally come with ya on some hunter paces (if you’ll have us 🙂 I will make sure to bring big spurs and a crop!


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