2018 Volunteer Challenge

Quarter 2 Winner!

Wow!! The second quarter showed a big jump in not only total hours volunteered, but in the number of individual participants which isn’t too surprising since a lot of the country isn’t thawed out yet by the end of the first quarter. I’m very happy to see the numbers go up though!!!

Just some quick business stuff to attend to. While anything to do with horse showing is greatly appreciated by all who are involved, for this competition I am only counting those hours spent during a show helping to run that show. This means things like scoring, running, driving the golf cart, jump crew, scribe etc… For the scope of this competition duties performed outside of the show itself, such as prize lists and board meetings, are not counted. It doesn’t mean those are not appreciated, but that isn’t the focus of this competition. Keep giving back though!!!

Also please when you give me your hours list the job you performed and the venue. I’m trying to collect data and it is really hard when all I get is “2 hours!”. Thanks!!

Tiniest baby catfish 

Quarter 2 saw a total of 123.5 hours donated by 11 people!!! Congrats to all of you for ditching the saddle time and getting out there helping!!!

Here is the breakdown of those who participated this quarter:

Emma: 34 hours
Bette: 23 hours
Sarah O: 18 hours
Amy: 16 hours
Emily: 9 hours
Nadia: 6.5 hours
KC, Olivia and David: 4 hours each
Carly: 3 hours
Amanda: 2 hours

That means that EMMA is the second quarter winner with 34 total hours spent on the ground at shows. Congrats Emma!!!

So I must admit selecting prizes for you was a bit tricky. You already won a candle and the Road ID, so I needed to find something that you didn’t already have but was worthwhile and around $50. It took a while, which is why this post is delayed, but I finally came up with something that I hope you will like.

But you’ll have to wait until it shows up at your door!! I have a bit of work to do in ordering it yet so be patient with me. I hope the wait will be worth it.

A certain someone got all tacked up last night for the first time in weeks. I sure did miss riding the big orange guy.

For everyone else, don’t stop now. We are only halfway through the year and a lot of places are slowing down for the summer. July will be another random drawing, so anyone who volunteers for at least 1 hour this month will be entered to win a $20 gift. The hours keep totaling up for the year end awards, so even if you haven’t been able to get out yet you still have plenty of time to rack up hours and win. In case you have forgotten the grand prize is an embroidered cooler with a reserve champion getting a leather halter. So…get your butt in gear and get out there!!!!

18 thoughts on “Quarter 2 Winner!”

  1. aw yay i’m so freakin excited!!! this contest was such a good idea on your part and it’s really inspired and motivated me to get out there and make the time for volunteering. like i always knew i enjoyed it, and was always kinda surprised last year by how rewarding it would be to go to the random event and volunteer. but this contest helped solidify the inclination to sign up. i’m esp excited for my next few events too bc both will be doing jobs i’ve never done before: scribing for a YEH jumping class, and assisting in the vet box for 1*/2* cross country. i’m hoping to learn a lot and see some really cool sides of the horse world that i don’t see every day! thanks again, and i can’t wait to see what kind of cool prize you come up with 😉

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  2. Congrats, Emma! And I agree with Emma above – thanks so much for putting this contest on!

    The big event I planned to help with is RBTR and it’s upcoming. I have a question about hours I’ll log for it based on some of your clarifications in this post. I had hoped to get out and help them clear the trail and mark for the ride several days/weekends ahead. Storms bring down more limbs and trees every year so this is a critical component for the ride (as you could imagine). Will these hours count or no because that is not on the day of the event? Only asking because this event is much different from your typical show and the prep work is much more tedious than the ride itself sometimes.


  3. ha ha ha great job guys and congrats Emma!! I think my closest event right now near me is 6 hours away sooooo not sure volunteering is in my scope yet 🙂 HA…but i love reading along with all of you volunteers 🙂


  4. Emma is a beast! I actually did 7 hours. 🙂 Scoring at a CNYDCTA dressage show. Sorry I didn’t respond to your last post, I’m the worst at going back and replying to comments!


  5. Yay Emma! And everyone else, too! I am totally slacking on the volunteering in the last two years, and I hate to blame the toddler, but man, finding time is hard. So when I do have time, I dedicate it to my own horse haha. But I do know the irreplaceable value of volunteers and cheer on those of you who are doing this challenge! 🙂


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