2018 Volunteer Challenge

Volunteer Challenge – July Drawing

July is coming to a close next week which means another $20 prize up for grabs in a random drawing for anyone who donated any hours in July.

I have family coming in to town Friday- Tuesday, so I won’t be publishing posts during that time, so this is your call to get those hours in by 11:59 pm Tuesday July 31st.

So far I have the following:

Emma – 15 hours
Nadia – 6 hours
Betsy – 4 hours

Don’t worry, everyone has an equal chance no matter how many hours you donated, so if there is an event this weekend near you go out and get some time spent on the ground lending a hand where needed.

10 thoughts on “Volunteer Challenge – July Drawing”

  1. I volunteered 1 hour this month (as per your clarified rules of physically at a show 🙂 ), July 20th to set up the dressage ring at a local show


  2. Does driving foreigners to TIEC and back to Hendersonville so they can watch the Grand Prix on their day off count as volunteering? No? What if I told you it was my day off and I still had to drive back home after dropping them off? Does it count then?? 😉 hahahaha jk!! Once camp is over I hope to be out volunteering again!


  3. thanks again for hosting! i think that’s it for me this month, and i’ve only got one thing on the docket so far for august…. should be fun tho!! and actually i still need to write a post about working in the vet box — i have all the pictures edited, just need to sit down and WRITE it lol. isn’t that always the way?


  4. ok, lots of volunteering for me!
    July 28th- 6 hours (dressage scribe and cross country controller for derby. BTW this is the best job ever. You get a walkie talkie and a four wheeler)
    July 14th- 3 hours dressage scribe


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