Waggy Update and HGTV Date

Odd things to combine but neither require a full post.

Most important is my Waggy Tails. She was in much better spirits Monday morning when Dusty took her to the specialist. Her biggest issue? She couldn’t roll over for belly rubs due to the pain in her leg. The pup is addicted to belly rubs and she became pretty pathetic when she figured out she couldn’t do it.

She went in to surgery around lunch and came out with a 15 hole plate filled with 10 screws (5 above and 5 below the fracture) as well as an intramedullary nail. That’s a lot of hardware. The surgeon said it went well, the fracture had a bit more comminution (fragments) than the X-ray led her to believe burnt cane together nicely.

She stayed the night last night and we will get her over lunch today. The plan is to keep her at the clinic for 6 weeks to let her have the needed cage rest and see where she is then. We need to do range of motion exercises to prevent contracture of the quads but other than that she shouldn’t need a lot of therapy.

All good news.

Second, I keep forgetting to announce this on here but our House Hunters episode is airing in the US on Friday 8/17/18 (this week) at 10pm EST on HGTV. I don’t have cable so my mom is DVR-ing it for me and I’ll watch it Saturday. There are so many things that happened during filming so I’m a bit nervous to see how they edit it and what the end result will be!

Who knows – they may make it look like I hated something I loved.

Tune in if you want to see me make an fool of myself. I’m so interested to see the spin they put on it and to go “but I didn’t say that about that!”

21 thoughts on “Waggy Update and HGTV Date”

  1. we dont have HGTV either BUT i will be at my dad’s on Friday nite so if i CAN stay awake…i will watch. HOW EXCITING.

    So glad Waggy is doing okay and so glad Dusty has the clinic to keep her in for cage rest. Hopefully she is back to getting belly scratches sooner rather than later. Poor thing!!


  2. aw i’m so glad Waggy seems to be ok, and that the prognosis is pretty straight forward even despite all that hardware! poor pup will be getting her belly rubs again soon!!!

    also that’s exciting about your show! i was watching HGTV in my hotel last week while traveling for work (i don’t have a tv at home so it was an unusual treat lol) and was wondering when your episode would be on. i hope you like it!!


  3. I’m going to have to figure out how to watch your house hunters episode! I don’t have tv either but hopefully can watch it online.
    So glad Waggy feels ok and surgery went well!!


  4. Good news about Waggy!! Poor girl not getting her belly rubs ❤

    I neeeeed to find a way to watch that episode!! How exciting 🙂


  5. Glad Waggy doing well. One of my really sweet coworkers was on House Hunters. They are so nice they couldn’t get any drama out of them lol. They did make them kick a basketball around like a soccer ball for filler shots. I’m gonna dvr yours now so I don’t forget.


  6. You’ll definitely have to do a post about your experiences after the show airs!!! Tell us all the fun details and if they “tv-ized” it to have more drama 😁

    Hope Waggy Tails gets better soon! And omg the lack of belly rubs just means she’ll get that many more when she finally can get them again 🙂


  7. Poor Waggy! I’m catching up on posts so I missed the original one. I am so glad she’s going to be okay. 😦 I lost my very beloved Cardi to a similar accident (he was ‘helping’ load cattle and Mom lost track of him 😦 ) in 2009.

    I’ve set the DVR for your ep; hopefully I can get DF to watch it with me, as she’s allergic to HGTV and doesn’t appreciate my real estate porn addiciton. (“WHY ARE YOU LOOKING AT HOUSES, WE ARE NOT MOVING FOR 3 YEARS?”)


  8. Great news about Waggy ❤

    We don't have cable or a streaming service that would load your show so I'll have to wait to hear from others! Hope they didn't make it too far from the truth.


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