Did You Miss It? Here Is A Link!

Our episode of House Hunters aired on Friday night. Our real estate agent moves in much swankier circles than we do and hosted a massive premier party on the 17th floor of a fancy club downtown to view it.

I invited Trainer and her Hubby to come and we all had a blast watching and laughing while shoving our faces with food. It was a lot of fun. I had stomach cramps from laughing so hard. Unfortunately the crowd was pretty rowdy by the time it aired at 10pm (free drink tickets will do that) and I missed 90% of the conversation on the show the first time around. Friends were posting quotes on my Facebook page that we never even heard.

The next day a friend found a link to the YouTube recording of it and now I can watch it forever. Below is a link to it if anyone cares to see it. I actually really like the way they pulled it all together. Gem plays a big role in it and while my riding is atrocious it was nice that they included it. Something about a rush “hurry up and get Gem ready you have 5 minutes to ride and do something fun” makes me tense and ride like crap. Gem didn’t mind the cameras and large fluffy mic but Pete sure did and trying to ride her in the pasture while he was running crazy was…interesting. A semi controlled canter was the best I could do. Then at the new house, well we had moved in two days prior and that was the first time I was riding her there and…I’m glad I stayed on crap form and all.

I’m not complaining though. It was awesome that they included it. Plus Pete looks so amazing on film at 28 years old. Nobody would guess he is that old.

The link is below for you if you want to watch it!

House Hunters Episode: https://m.youtube.com/watch?reload=9&v=Ar7Tx4C3lFg&feature=youtu.be

29 thoughts on “Did You Miss It? Here Is A Link!”

  1. We had a gathering at my house on Saturday, and my dad says “You should meet these people mom and I watched on House Hunters on Friday. They bought this place with a BIG barn and a lit arena!”

    I shrieked like a child and went “I kinda-know them!! I WAS GONNA HAVE YOU RECORD IT FOR ME!!!”

    Thank goodness for a YouTube link!!! 🙂


  2. I watched it live and texted you Friday nite then realized you didn’t have HGTV but I didn’t know you were at a fancy party for it 🙂 HA I did laugh at SARA IS A SERIOUS EQUESTRIAN. I loved it i thought you and Dusty came off as real and not fake at all (which i never doubted but you never know how they can make you seem). Poor Dusty though. I feel for him re the walls 🙂 HA HA HA HA

    and it was just fab. even with a Waggy cameo at the end. and you totally picked the right house. 🙂

    YAY congrats you guys are famous:)


  3. eeeee i can’t wait to watch too – so so glad you liked the episode, it sounds like a good one!! that’s so cool that they included your rides too!


  4. OMG I’m in tears, so happy for you! House Hunters has been a “thing” for my husband and me since we met, when he used to watch it every day with my aunt (now in heaven) and whenever we’d travel in America, our hotel room always had HGTV on. We didn’t even dream of owning a place yet, we were not engaged….

    Your accents are so cute! And I cracked up about how adamant you are against open floor plans, cuz I hate them too. You never said why, but I feel it is a cheat to make a house seem bigger than it is. Most of all though, I want my kitchen to be fully enclosed so I don’t stink up the house like garlic every day. Why do you like walls? Perhaps you had to share a room as a child and you love the ability to shut the door on everyone?That’s me: ) I lived with my aunt in a 1918 Craftsman home and nearly all the rooms were solid, and I fell in love with Craftsman. Her daughter recently sold her home on a postage-stamp bit of yard for 500,000 in need of renovation. Cuz Seattle.

    One thing I missed – how far is your home from town?

    Also, 14 empty stalls do not require “work” – do they?: ) Cobweb removal.

    Have you painted over the blue?

    I’m so happy for you!!!! I’ve been through the heartbreak of not getting the farm close to town I wanted, but I’m pretty happy here in B.F.E. (Bum Friggin’ Egypt …35 minutes from the city) with our 5 acres. More than 5 would be so much work (without a tractor).

    Ponds are a hassle Dusty! We have three fish ponds that have gone to RUIN because the people who rent them from us have let them go. There’s more plants than water, and blackberries falling all around.

    I have two tiny “for show” ponds and they are a hassle too. For the first time I’m cleaning them out and I would rather just not have ponds. Hopefully you have carp to eat the plants that will try to destroy your pond.

    “A dishwasher is a dream come true.” Amen. I lived for years without one and now that I do, I call it my Magic Box. Put dirty things in, they come out magically clean.

    Living with lack of kitchen counter space teaches you efficiency/organizational skills, no problem!

    I cannot believe the Internet let me see your film, cuz lately more and more things are forbidden here. (I cannot view any food.com network article or recipe.)

    So happy for you!


    1. The house I grew up in was open and I hated it. Couldn’t eat in the dinning room and talk of someone else was watching tv. Or I’d be trying to watch something and the dishwasher would drown it out. Give me rooms!

      It’s 20 minutes from downtown.

      I like the blue. The odd thing is that they painted blue for everything: doors, trim, electric sockets, windowsills. They did that with every color in every room. Outdoor projects have taken precedent but hopefully this winter we will start making inside changes.


  5. That was fantastic! (I loved “It’s so…teal.”) Thanks for sharing the link — don’t have cable, so that was a great way to be able to see the show! It really is a gorgeous, dream property.


  6. My mom, sister and I watched it too! I was like “I kinda sorta ish know these people! – and that’s Gem and Pete!” We always try to guess which one they pick – as soon as I saw a shot of the magnolia tree I knew, but to their credit both mom & sister thought you’d pick that house or the first one. So cool!


  7. Wyatt is too cute! I really enjoyed watching, even though comparatively low housing prices makes me envious. We paid only slightly less than you and have 4.6 acres, no arena, smaller more outdated house and a shell of a barn.


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