Oh Crap…Another Month Ends

Its the 27th which means another random drawing month is coming to a close. It also means I just realized I never actually ordered Sarah O’s winnings from last month. Its been…hectic. I’ll get on that. Probably this Friday as long as no surgeries get added to my schedule.

This past weekend I had to fly back home to Pittsburgh for my grandmother’s funeral. It was hard. It was hard to say goodbye. It was hard to go back to a home that is no longer my home. All my close family has moved to SC and all my friends from there have moved away as well. Walking down those memory lanes was bitter sweet.

It also put a huge wrench in my barely put together, almost making it actually work, life. The grass needs mowed. The house needs cleaned. Work related decisions need made. The kiddo needs help with his homework.

I’ve got a lot on my mind about the way I’m living my life. About the time spent doing pointless things. About a system that is so broken it is not fixable. About regulations and patient care and doctor burn out. About saying goodbye to those you love and dreams you once had.

But for now…I’m putting out my call for hours. I know Emma texted me hers and I believe others have left comments on other posts that I will go back through and sort out before the end of the week. If you haven’t already informed me of hours you volunteered this month, please leave them here. The drawing will be held Saturday morning whenever I get up and get to it and announced on Monday.

Thanks to all who keep participating. September will be the last quarterly prize package worth around $50 or so, then two more random months and in December the winners will be announced.

8 thoughts on “Oh Crap…Another Month Ends”

  1. I’m so sorry for the loss of your grandmother.
    Healthcare is so tough this way – we make it so difficult for doctors to just.. practice. Treat patients. It’s frustrating as an administrator, so I can only imagine what it’s like as a physician.

    I volunteered 4 hours jump judging at the IEA Leg Up HT at the Hoosier Horse Park this month!


  2. sorry to hear about your grandmother šŸ˜¦ trips home can be so tough when it’s not really “home” any more. and good luck figuring everything out. sometimes it’s like life kinda takes off without us and we’re left sorta scratching our heads like “wth just happened??” hopefully things start settling down a little for you as summer rolls into fall!!

    thanks also for continuing to host this volunteer challenge. it’s such a cool idea and has been exactly the motivation and inspiration i needed to get out there and do the things. and it’s been so much fun and so rewarding, i’ve really really loved it! so thanks!


  3. I’m so sorry to hear about your grandmother. ā¤

    I did six hours Saturday at a clinic–set up, check in, and lending a hand wherever needed.


  4. Oh, I’m sorry for your loss! I hope you have lots of good memories from earlier times together.

    I volunteered 3 hours at a local schooling H/J show on August 12. Though I’d get more in this month, but nope.


  5. I’m sorry, that’s a lot that you have going on right now! I hope your dog is also doing well, I’ve been thinking about you guys. ā¤

    I had 10 hours scribing earlier this month.


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