The End of an Era

It hit me harder than I anticipated. My daily life isn’t changing. I’ll still go to work Mon-Fri 7:30 am – 5:30 pm. Wyatt has been getting dropped off at daycare/pre school since he was six weeks old. It isn’t new territory to put my son in the hands of a stranger to help raise.

Yet I found tears clouding my vision as I walked him down the hallways of his new elementary school to his kindergarten room. I looked around at all the grown up children buying breakfast and settling into the routine of the coming nine months.

Mom, do I look cool?

And while he is still my little boy I can already see the changes that will come. The independence from walking the halls unattended. The buying of lunch. The making of new friends. The learning.

I’m excited for it all. My job as a parent isn’t to hold on forever but to teach him how to be an independent person who can make his own way in the world. It doesn’t make it easier though as I drop off a little boy and pick up a little man.

First day of school

Someday soon he will run from the car without looking back. Someday soon he won’t give me a hug goodbye in front of his friends. Some day soon he won’t miss me.

That is normal and it is all a part of growing up. It doesn’t make it easier though as I hold on as tight and as long as I could to my morning hug from my best little man.

Ice cream after his first day. 

I hope he makes friends. I hope he learns not only facts but a thirst for knowledge and a love of reading. I hope he grows in confidence and that some day he won’t need to hold my hand to walk down the hallway. Hopefully he will still want to for a while after that but time won’t slow down or stop.

With the start of school brings homework, grades, paperwork, snack schedules, and teacher meetings. On the outside nothing changes but the address at which we drop him off. On the inside though everything is changing. I’m mostly ready for it. A little sad that this day is here, but excited for the next phase of motherhood.

My bestest friend

So bring it on and let’s hope for a good year.

12 thoughts on “The End of an Era”

  1. This is so sweet. Here’s to a year full of learning that makes him more curious, friends that make him more kind, and laughter that makes his heart lighter!


  2. Aww, it’s such a big step and it’s wonderful and hard and all the feelings come out. I described my children’s childhood as ‘some days were really long but the years were really short’. ((hugs))

    Also, I watched your HH episode last night. I loved it. It was fun to heary you and Dusty and to watch you choose homes. I loved the ranch but that barn- ugh. I was glad that my impression of you from reading the blog matched what I saw on TV. Gem looked great by the way. You should know though that I’m with Dusty and would take down the walls. 🙂


  3. I bawled the day my now 14 year old started kindergarten, the moment I walked out of the elementary school LOL! I didn’t think I was going to because I had been pretty good up until that moment, but the emotion just hit me. I had been working in the district for a few years, knew everyone, and he was ready. But it still was crazy to me how much he had suddenly grown up! I am sure I will feel similar when my now 3 year old goes in two years. It is such a big step and every word you wrote brought me right back to that first day. You’ve got this, mama! ❤


  4. YAY Wyatt. I can’t believe how much more grown up he looks since I started following your blog. I hope he loves school and has a great year!! And ice cream for the win (PS your hair looks cute!!).


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