Volunteer Challenge Third Quarter Winner

Wow you guys. Simply WOW.

Once all the hours were in, September ended up being a killer month with 105 hours donated to the sports we love. That is amazing!!!! What is even better is that over the last quarter 13 of you got out there, didn’t mount up and instead worked your butts off to help the event run. Thank you to everyone who participated this quarter!!

Here is a list of everyone that got out there this quarter (Sarah O and Holly, I could not for the life of me find your blog address so I apologize for not linking):

Sarah O – 1 hour
Holly – 4 hours
Carly – 6 hours
Olivia – 6 hours
Teresa – 6 hours
Betsy – 7 hours
Amanda (Beljoer) – 10 hours
Emily – 12 hours
David – 12 hours
Bette – 20 hours
Nadia – 23 hours
Emma – 27 hours

And the winner with a whopping 37.5 hours is….


YAY!! Congrats on getting it done in spectacular fashion. Umm…I am going to spend the weekend finding you the perfect prize, so hang in there and I will post it once I figure out what it is going to be. I have an idea and since you also do endurance I can use some pretty fun items to round it out, but I need to do some digging and thinking to make it right.

October is the second to last random drawing, folks. Get out there and help out and have a chance to win something fun and free!!

9 thoughts on “Volunteer Challenge Third Quarter Winner”

  1. this is so freakin cool. i’ve always loved volunteering and definitely felt like it was a great way for me to get familiar with the sport when i first started eventing a couple years ago…. but your contest was the perfect motivator for me to sit down and seriously browse through the USEA Volunteer Dashboard and look for interesting opportunities and commit them to the calendar. and it’s been so so so fun, and super rewarding. so thanks for hosting the contest!!


  2. This has been such an awesome undertaking and I’m grateful you did it! I also received my candle yesterday and haven’t stopped burning it – YUM.

    Don’t know why my blog isn’t linking here 😦 but it’s marescara.com for future reference!


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