Q3 Prize Announcement

When I started this contest, the goal was to get people thinking about giving back and spending maybe a little less time competing and more time lending a hand to allow others to do so.  Amy, you really knocked that out of the park. I know WEG helped that number out, but that does not detract from the fact that you took time away from work and family to go volunteer several states away.

Typically this prize package is worth around $50, but I thought of something you might really like and it is a stretch over that. Since I fund this myself nobody can argue about my spending, right? (Except the Hubby, but shhh…) And you deserve the extra bit spent with all those hours.

I’ve been reading a lot about these new mohair endurance reins by Wild West Endurance Company. Apparently they are absolutely amazing and while I’m not currently competing in that sport, I am already drooling over a pair. Mohair for life for me.

q3 prize
PC: Wild West Endurance website. Soft fluffy, durable mohair that provides grip without ripping your hands to shreds plus biothane ends? Sign me up!

You like purple, or at least that is what my stalking abilities came up with, and so you will get purple. Exactly what type of purple and what else is added in will be a surprise. Something has to be a surprise, right? Anyway…I hope you love them as much as everyone else seems to and thank you for getting out there. Email me your mailing address at agemofahorse at gmail dot com and I will get them ordered.


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